July 22, 2018

Welcome to the New Clear Age

For the past several weeks, we have been journeying together through cultural, evolutionary transformation. Throughout the Evolution Revolution series, we have explored in depth, the various worldviews that humanity has been centered in, through the lens of spiral dynamics. Our exploration has taken us from pre-historic survival-oriented beige to postmodern egalitarian green, correlating each cultural worldview with individual developmental growth and a changing concept of the Divine. In addition, we have noted that spirituality is ready for a major change and that it seems humanity is on the cusp of a new paradigm of living. Exciting times!
Join Rev. Jane as we continue in our paradigm climb with her talk, entitled "Welcome to the New Clear Age." This week, our focus shifts to the exploration of so-called "Second Tier" worldviews. Is a major paradigm shift beckoning on the horizon, and if so, how do we usher it in?  Is a new concept of God coming forth along with this paradigm shift? Delve deeper into these questions and explore what a New Clear Age might look like.

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