August 5, 2018

Meeting My Needs

Breaking free of our self-imposed limiting beliefs is one byproduct of spiritual practice and consciousness work. All limiting beliefs are supported by an underlying sense of "not enough" that causes us to look outside of ourselves for evidence of our worth and capacity. When this happens, we try to GET more rather than BEING more as an antidote to insufficiency.
A more empowering effort pays off when we consciously seek to be source unto our own life. What this means is that we begin to meet our own intrinsic needs rather than placing the burden of our well-being on needs being met by outer sources. From time to time, we all have a need for a greater sense of abundance, safety and security, an experience of self-love and connection, a feeling of innate value and worth, a sense of empowerment, and the sure and certain knowing that our presence matters.

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