Ministers’ Message for this Fall

This time of year can bring forth the urge to sharpen pencils and buy brand new notebooks. That back-to-school feeling, whether for young studentsJaneGary_1lo or adult learners, signals the return to the routines that make our lives more predictable and manageable, but also awakens an exciting impulse to make a fresh start.

We can bring that joy and excitement into the transformative programs and activities planned at Unity Spiritual Center.

While we may be returning to a more structured schedule, we also recognize the importance of our return to deepening our spiritual understanding and practice that moves us beyond our yesterday selves. In many respects, this means looking at ways of “breaking the habits” of being, that keep us entangled in the stresses of life and the concerns of the world.

In the next few months, we will begin a new emphasis on exploring the science and spirituality of manifesting our vision in life. Simply put, our goal is for everyone in our spiritual community to learn how to create a greater good that translates into a more happy, healthy, prosperous, and fulfilling life. Since we are already masters at creating our own personal reality through our thoughts, beliefs and ways of being, we need to move from unconsciously replicating our past (old mind stuff) to consciously creating a new future that gets us to the next level (conditioning ourselves to a greater mind). To effect this shift, we will introduce powerful tools that are aligned with the lastest principles from quantum science, brain research, and spiritual laws that will make clear the nuts and bolts of creating the life we are meant to live.

When we can become very coherent with respect to some desired future and sustain elevated feelings as if the future is happening right now, we welcome it in as we upload our heart’s desire to the quantum field. Then the effort is to routinely focus on the images, feelings, and sensations of this desired future to such an extent that we authentically feel gratitude for what is making its way into our life.

What do you want to create in your life? The formula for success is conceive, believe, achieve. What our minds can conceive and our hearts can believe, we can manifest in our lives. This involves visualizing what we want to see happen and then getting into the feeling behind it. How will you feel when you have reached that goal? Get into the feeling before you see it fulfilled. The tools we will be sharing are designed to help us create the vision and elevate the feelings in order to co-create the life that we are longing to express.

Ready to sharpen your metaphysical pencils?

Blessings, Gary and Jane


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