Board Report: Core Values and Raising the Bar

If you have been attending Unity Spiritual Center since Revs. Drs. Jane and Gary Simmons became our co-ministers in April 2015, then you have charlieheard the phrase, “raising the bar here at Unity” many, many times. You’ve also heard Dr. Gary share numerous times during his Center Update that the Board of Trustees has also been working on raising our bar so that we can be in integrity and be held accountable by the congregation. Over the past 18 months, I believe your Board of Trustees has transformed, and I want to share a couple of those transformations with you.

It begins with Core Values.  At our board retreat in May 2015, we focused on developing core values that we want to live by and demonstrate. We steadily worked on our core values list over the next 6 months and here are those cores values that your board is committed to demonstrating to you and ourselves:

Integrity – we are in a state of wholeness, undivided; congruent and consistent as we do what we say we will do, honest as we show up, and it feels good.

Commitment – with intention, we are bound to our mission and follow through

Emotional maturity – we identify, own and manage our feelings while responding, rather than reacting, to others and situations

Spiritual maturity – we identify, are in touch with and aim to consistently act from our True Self (the Inner Guide, Divine Wisdom)

Accountability: We walk our talk by counting on each other, accepting responsibility to do what we say we will do and freely share our progress without excuses or blaming.

Fiscal Responsibility: Being Spirit-led (as Source) we come from gratitude and act in the highest and best regard for financial health and integrity of USC. We recognize money is one of many Divine tools we use wisely to transform lives.

Another area of transformation that we continuously work on is who we’ve come here to be. At every board meeting right after our opening prayer, we go around the table and do a check in. The check in consists of sharing what is on our Q-card. We ask for compassion when we’re being on and/or in our shadow qualities. Then we share who we’ve come here to be such as compassionate, loving, healthy or more than enough. Then we share what’s going on with us individually, whether it be exciting news or asking for support because of dealing with a difficulty. By doing a check in at every meeting, it allows us to become present thus being able to do our work as trustees.  Plus, I firmly believe it helps us connect with one another.

I can whole-heartedly say that your Board of Trustees is committed to raising the bar here at Unity Spiritual Center. We believe that transforming Unity Spiritual Center begins with us. We are ready and willing to do the work we need to do as Unity Spiritual Center moves towards the next level. We are excited and inspired, and we want to extend an invitation out to you to join us!

With Love & Blessings,

Charlie Ker, President Board of trustees


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