Sign Up for Your 2016 Fall SpiritGroup!

School has started so it’s officially fall right? Well that and SpiritGroups are about to meet, so that’s another sign that it’s fall. To register with your SpiritGroup, follow the instructions below…

Option A:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Find a group” across the top (This takes you to a search page.)
  3. Enter your zip code


  1. Under “Campus”, click on the arrows to the right of “—any—“ (drop-down menu) and highlight “WA, Spokane: Unity Spiritual Center” (This will give you the list of the available groups.)
  2. Click on “Search” (the blue button) (This shows you the groups and their details.)
  3. Find a group you would like to join.
  4. Click on the group name (blue).
  5. See right-hand side “Interested in the group?” and see “Have an account?” Either “Login” or “Create one” (an account).
  6. If you “Login”, once you login, choose “Find A Group”. Reenter your zip code and campus (WA, Spokane: Unity Spiritual Center.” Click “Search”
  7. If you create an account, it will lead you through the process. Then click on a group and send an email if interested.


Option B:

SpiritGroups link to your campus:

Find a SpiritGroup at Unity Spiritual Center

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