December 16, 2018

Where is Your Treasure?

We are here to make the difference. We are more than enough. But how can these preconditions manifest a greater good? Knowing that we matter is key to our fulfillment and integral to our spiritual awakening.
How, too, do we shift out of our sense of unworthiness, the feeling that we don't measure up, or the feeling that we don't matter?
When we are clear that our sense of unworthiness is a habit of being and not the truth of us, we begin the journey of disentangling from unconscious patterns that keep us locked into insufficiency, struggle, and judgment. This helps us to see that our unworthiness is linked to past circumstances: experiences that have happened to us or by us impact us emotionally. When we confuse ourselves with what we have experienced, it's hard not to feel unworthy.
Because we are greater than what we have, we possess the capacity to transform any limitation. Awakening to this potential is the essence of the Christmas story.

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