December 1, 2019

Faith is an Inside Job


December 1 is the first day of Advent, and Faith is our theme! I realized while writing the Sunday message that my thoughts and feelings about faith were in conflict, and I know I'm not alone... Growing up, faith was something I had to DO whether I wanted to or not. I was taught to put my faith into that which was outside of me. To blindly believe what I was told by those who knew better, whether it resonated with me or not. In other words, faith was an outside job that didn't require my input, thank you very much. Fortunately, Spirit led me to Unity and new thought teachings which provided a truer Truth about faith - the spiritual kind - the powerful, active, dynamic kind. This is the faith I will be sharing on this first day of Advent. Spoiler alert: It's an inside job. Plus, I've discovered a "Faith Formula" that I look forward to sharing with you all!

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