From our Fall Discoveries: Rev David’s Message


Aug 14, 2014

I am writing this article on a hot day in August.  I’m not even thinking about Fall.  Yet, already the days are getting shorter and the nights are growing longer.  On September 22, there will be about as much light during the day as there is darkness at night.  They call that the Fall Equinox.

But isn’t that the way our lives work?  Every one of us have light and dark periods in our lives.  We probably prefer the lighter days, the lighter experiences, the lighter weights, but we know that contrast makes the light days sweeter, and allows the dark days to be days of change, challenge, and, above all, spiritual growth.  Remember, all the summer plants, flowers, and trees have part of their roots and beginnings in darkness.

Our church community is going through a period of transition right now.  Sometimes, I feel to blame for at least part of that since, as the so-called “leader” of this brave band of souls, much of the change has to do with what’s going on with me and my health.  But I know that this change is larger than me, and even larger than our Unity Spiritual Center.

I know that to some degree, I have been resisting the changes going on in my body and, as I wind down my 53-year ministerial career and my time with you as your minister, there’s an air of uncertainty in my bones.  Perhaps you are feeling some of this too, perhaps somewhat uncomfortable with this transitional period, as we search for a new Senior Minister.

But why should we be resistant?  Why should we be surprised by change?  Why should we be blown away by the darkness of uncertainty?  It is what life is all about.  It’s part of the equalizing process of spiritual growth.  And, it’s what you and I signed up for when we came to this planet.  We knew it wasn’t going to be sweetness and light, springtime and flowers all the time!

There is a quote that goes, “I am safe; it is only change.”  Lately, I’ve been affirming this to myself – for myself and, for you!  Yes, the times they are a’changin’ – but we know that into the light of our daily lives, a measure of uncertainty will inevitably creep – not to frighten us or drive us to despair, but to balance our lives and herald the coming of a new season, a new birth, and a new layer of growth in and around us.  After all, it’s only change!  We can handle that, right?

Blessings, David



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