A Word From Rev. Jackie Green


Aug 20, 2014

Wayne recently asked me what, when and how do we expose our children to and communicate with them about all the seemingly bad things that are reported in the news.

That is a huge question. You probably have your own answers and experiences with how you have responded to new reports. I would love to hear them.

My response to Wayne was to delay exposure to the news as long as possible when kids are little, and then reduce exposure as much as possible as they grow older. When the moment of a catastrophe presents itself, ask kids what they heard, saw, felt and thought about the situation.

Listen deeply. Breathe into the moment with them. Then ask how they are. “How can people help? What can be done now?” Invite answers. Validate their answers. Ask if they would like to know how others have handled a similar situation. Guide them to know they have options and can make a difference in the world. Our daughter and her children have a ritual of saying a quick prayer whenever they hear a siren.

As we focus our Lights on searching our inner and outer worlds for our best choices, clearest direction and wisest discernment, we are aware of the strength and comfort of knowing we are on this spiritual journey in the supportive company of our Unity Spiritual Family as well as the Creator of all life. Truly all is well.

Rev. Jackie Green


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