From our Upcoming Newsletter: Diane Bisson’s Message


Aug 12, 2014

As a new season approaches, we are also approaching a new season within our Spiritual Center- a time of new leadership for us, a time of saying good-bye to Reverend David. I approach this time with both excitement and fear, for a time of important change brings out those feelings from within. I used to dread my fears before my faith was strong enough for me to look at those fears & know that it was OK to feel that way. Now I examine them one by one, then put them away, done, finished, and on to new growth and possibilities.

As we approach our time of saying good-bye to Reverend David, we look at what he has given us, his strong commitment that has never wavered as he has dealt with his health crisis. Last week, Reverend Clare spoke of loyalty, and I think of that virtue as David in the whole, as he has shown us such loyalty through his journey. He has kept our good in front of him while he met his own challenges.

So, what lies ahead? Will our new Spiritual Leader be male, female, tall, short, soft-spoken or boisterous? I mention these features because I want to stress that these things are all part of the “packaging” of a person. As I tell my grandchildren, they are the gift wrap, having nothing to do with the person inside. Instead of focusing on the outer, ask yourself what you need or desire from your new leader. Is it quiet understanding, humor, and the ability to look ahead and vision a new path for us? Is it all of these things and so many more yet to be thought of? I do know one thing for certain: whoever is chosen as our next Spiritual Leader will be the absolute perfect person because we ask for and deserve this leader. So hang on to your hats, and jump on for the new journey of your life!

In love- Diane Bisson


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