Fall Seva Star


Aug 21, 2014

Seva Star features stellar volunteers who provide sacred service, or Seva, to our Center. They are shining stars! This month, we are featuring Scott Jamison.



Scott and his wife Judi came to Unity 17 years ago. “One of the first messages we heard was that we didn’t have to stop being Lutheran or Catholic to be part of this spiritual community. We could use the teachings of Unity to become a better Lutheran or Catholic—Buddhist or Muslim. What a refreshing message that was! I have learned so much, and continue to learn, from the example of compassion, gratitude and inner peace that I see not only from our Unity ministers, but from my fellow travelers in Unity.”

As musicians, it didn’t take Scott and Judi long to find opportunities to help out with an occasional Sunday service or event. “Assisting with, then directing the Children’s Christmas programs, was the best part of our holiday season for many years.” After that, it was a natural progression for Scott to become part of the youth ministry that nurtures our children. “I took a break while I served on the Board of Trustees, then gradually became more involved again in youth education. I have been a YOU sponsor for the past couple of years and plan to continue for at least another year.” Currently, Scott is Chairing our Search Committee as they lead the call to find our new minister. See Scott if you have questions about this search process.

Thank you Scott for your continued service!




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