Fall Volunteer Report from Dennis Ashley

Volunteering at church—it’s a magical animal, a bit of a shape shifter actually.  Its original shape is “we need volunteers to get things done at church.” And while that’s true, just start contributing your time and talent, and that act of volunteerism shifts its shape into something very peculiar.


Why?  Because volunteering is not a means to an end. It is the end. Volunteering becomes a way to learn something new.  We have fun, and it stretches our limits in ways that never crossed our minds.  And the enigma wrapped inside the mystery is that we discover a lot more about ourselves by serving others.


It is certainly true that needed work at the church gets done through volunteers and that is important. But what is far more important is the work that gets done inside of you when you volunteer.  You dive headlong into the deep end of the pool. One day it hits you–you’re not just coming to church, you are the church. So join a team and:

Become a wizard and draw forth the magic that lives inside our children.

Be a magus of books and help at the bookstore.

Host a conflux of a SpiritGroup.

Greet people when they come here on a Sunday and let ‘em know they’re home again.

Whip up a latte.

Champion the grounds with our landscaping team.

Croon with the choir.

Call forth that thaumaturge you didn’t even know was there and become a chaplain.

You get to take yourself and the church to a new level. Not sure what floats your boat on volunteerism?

Shoot Dennis Ashley an email at dashley@unityspokane.org and find out what new possibilities there are. Together we can conjure up something magnificent!


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