Youth Connection with Rev. Jackie

A Word from Rev. Jackie Green

I want to feature Emily Michels (pictured below) from USCSpokane who is our NW Regional Youth Of Unity (YOU) Officer.


She was elected at Rally in April to lead and guide all the regional youth events from July 2016 through July 2017. Judi Jamison will accompany Emily to iYOU the international gathering of teens at Unity Village hosted by Unity Worldwide Ministries. I will have the great pleasure of being there with them also this July 3-8. Here is an excerpt from Emily’s application…


Describe prayer in your life and in YOU.

“I think prayer is not just a statement of gratitude, it is a meaningful communication with Spirit. A prayer can be a single word, or an intention or simply a feeling of energy and spirituality. I use prayer during meditation to get myself in a calm and open state of mind. I use prayer to set an intention for an activity and to define the energy of a space. I use prayer to be thankful for what I have and who I am.”


What is your vision and mission as a regional officer?

“My vision is to create an inclusive, supportive and engaging environment where individuals can have positive, spiritual, educational experiences. I want to make the YOU community stronger and more encouraging than ever. Events are safe spaces where anyone can make friends, have fun and even discover some truth about themselves, I wish to continue this mission. Specifically, I want to teach others how they can find joy in their own lives and in their own identities and through this joy, find love in themselves, others, and in life. I want to teach spirituality not just as an ideal but to teach the useful practical applications of everyday spirituality. The true power of spirit lies within everyday moments.”


We are blessed to have Emily, parents Joni and Tim, brother Johnathon, and cousin Sylas in our Unity family!


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