Who is Rejecting Whom?

Who is rejecting whom? Rejection  – either being rejected or rejecting someone or something is an important lesson not to overlook. I recently had a discussion with someone who is badly hurt. Rejection has painful consequences, depending whatever or whoever is rejected. We may reject a package not ordered, a letter we do not want to receive, or even a gift. Such rejections have little or no consequences, depending on the content, and the person who sent something to us.

Jesus rejected the title people wanted to give him: Messiah, his nobility of his ancestry, and the power he had within him to be his own – but claimed always that the Father did the work within him and through him. The power was not his power, but belonged to God. He lived a life of an humble, ordinary human being by pointing out that the kingdom of God was in every heart of all humanity. He never rejected God, and never was rejected by God either. It is said that God cannot reject Himself.

The rejection that hurts is the rejection one experiences throughout life – rejected by others for one reason or another. No one living is spared of it. It happens even since our infant years. Other people may not be aware that we felt rejected, however. If  we do not deal with our emotional hurt, the consequences have destructive affects may be noticed in giving up, not being motivated. People become depressed – the creativity is missing. Concentration is lacking, people become hostile, violent, even dangerous, because the spirit in the one who was rejected is literally depressed by one’s own emotional state of mind. People lost their self-esteem reaching out to alcohol, drugs, and other destructive habits that get them more and more in trouble, because they suddenly feel unworthy – seemingly without support, all alone.

Thus a neurotic state of mind dominates the one who needs help to overcome the emotional pain carried for so long within without necessarily noticing the cause of the long ago stored memory in the unconscious mind. This will result in trying to avoid more pain to escape more pain (hermit life style), yet creating a series of more and more rejections they attract that lead to self-destructive, defensive, and hostile behavior. People may feel overly self-critical due to depression as they cover up their depression with showing up as a party girl or party boy wearing a big mask. This leads to the next destructive step: Our health.

If we don’t deal with rejections from the past, it can show up in our bodies as an illness we rather not want, nor do we wish it on others. Regardless what kind of rejection we experienced, all rejections are damaging, if we don’t deal with them at once.

If we have prayed and prayed, and God did not answer our prayers, it is not that God rejected us, but God wishes a better way to manifest for us than the one we visualize for ourselves. For God never forsakes us in any way. It is we who forsake God by not listening to the small voice, exercising our own will, and having our own agenda for the day without inner guidance. This will always create trouble, disharmony, and will show up as an expression of the absence of love in bitterness.

Let us turn within and search our hearts to find where we felt rejected, whom we rejected, and forgive. Then God’s loving light will heal the wounds of rejection and free us and others from our bondage of self-imprisonment. Whether the rejection happened through a divorce, an erroneous mistake, failing a test, misunderstandings, or whatsoever, God is always the answer to reach within in meditation to heal all wounds and pain that were due to rejection. This, too, will help to heal the world around us.

Please, work with God to help the world to become a better and safer place for each and every living being.

A dedicated prayer chaplain ©

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