Make Some Harmonious Choices

How much do we ignore the Spiritual Laws and live – “even with our best intention” – in a world of illusion and lack of commitment?

I recently had a conversation with someone who truly believes that “Life is as is” without making any choices to improve life, as well as for the lives for others when they are incapable to make choices for themselves. It would be well to have deep faith in God Mind to guide, protect, and heal without further effort to improve otherwise. It is, however, not the way Spiritual Laws work.

What is missing? Actions, accepting support form within, and accepting support the Divine Mind sends us to make improvements in one’s life topped with faith that all will work out for our best advantage.

Resistance in anything we are afraid to do is one of the greatest hindrances to manifest whatever we may desire to accomplish otherwise. If someone fears the unknown, and resist to accept support from within and from others, and withdraws from the support available, then progress is suppressed. Fear is magnified. People crawl back into “the shell” for false safety. Sooner or later the faith a person may have in God’s guidance will vanish, because outer pressures begin to be overwhelming and get out of hand. It is easy to say that God is in charge when we do not put actions behind our desires.

We all have choices. When someone does not want to move forward for whatever reason, we declare that this is a personal choice, too. I see it as an inner experience to test the ego versus the wishes of the soul and God-Mind, the trueSelf.

Finally, we all may awaken to accept the fact that our consciousness builds our real environment from the inside through Divine guidance to receive a clear understanding that we are not our bodies, but souls who are manifested in God’s image and likeness. We inherited all the positive potentials to make our lives joyful, pleasant (even in moments of ups and downs); with faith, love, and right choices we will grow through the difficult times much faster. This is Spiritual Law.

All lies in our consciousness, and conscious decisions, actions, and the faith we have in God Mind guidance, for God is expressing Himself as Sprit in and through all of His Creation. In short, we draw to us all that the Spiritual Law allows us to do at our own leisure. Life is eternal, God is patient, cause and effect are balanced by the Law.

We make a conscious choice to deeply desire the connection with God Mind while striving for attaining our goal still in this lifetime: A union with God, awakening to the Truth we were blessed with from our soul creation on by making daily contact in our prayer and meditation sessions.

Yes, it takes a willingness, actions, and effort to accomplish deeper peace of mind, move forward in life without any fear of the unknown, and without “non-choices” that may interfere with others in a disharmonious way.

We are grateful to have choices, grateful that we can tune in to get Divine guidance, and grateful that we have peace of mind to move forward in life according to the Spiritual Law, and support from others as God directs. We may give ourselves credit for the willingness to take the right action, and choose according to Divine guidance.

And when we are not yet perfect – we may ignore the Spiritual Law unconsciously – we try again until we get it right. Let us never, ever give up, make some harmonious choices that not only benefit ourselves, but all others around us who would be effected by our decisions for the best outcomes under Divine guidance. It takes commitment as well.

~From one of our compassionate Prayer Chaplains ©

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