Transforming Lives: Brianna Dirks

dirksBrianna Dirks started coming to Unity when she was pretty young, around 3 years old. She and her mom recently returned to Unity about 6 months ago.  What brought Brianna back were the discussions with her mom and the memories these sparked about church being an important part of her childhood. Brianna wanted the same kind of experience for her two boys, so she’s returned. Since she’s been back, Brianna, her husband and her mom joined the gardening Spiritgroup that Dee Mueller and Linda Tweedy lead. It has been a wonderful experience for her to build closer connections with others in this small group. Meetings are fun and full of laughter and camaraderie and good food. You can see  some wonderful recipes online at the website that her husband developed for their SpiritGroup:

When asked how her return affected her and her family, Brianna said, “It has been an emotional journey for me to return to Unity Spiritual Center. It was months before I could make it through the Peace Song without getting tears in my eyes. I struggle with an anxiety disorder and depression. Church actually became the first place that I have been able to go to without having panic attacks. Unity Spiritual Center is truly a safe place for me, full of loving, caring people. Gary and Jane have impacted my life in so many ways that I cannot even begin to express them all. The Art and Practice workshop as well as their Sunday sermons have helped me heal numerous deeply embedded injuries to my soul. I still have lots of work to do, but I am positive about what my future holds! In addition, Sunday school has already become a transformative experience for my younger son. He told me that everyone is accepting and caring in a way that he has never experienced outside of our home before.”  Thanks for sharing your story Brianna and for returning to your spiritual home!


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