The Art & Practice Begins This Wednesday, July 29th!

What would your life be like if you lived from a deep place of peace, knowing that nothing and no one is against you? Too often in life we believe that outer circumstances are holding us back or causing us pain. When we wait for others to change, or for outer circumstances to adjust, we give away our sense of wholeness and our very freedom to craft the life our heart desires. There is a better way.

During this interactive 6-week class, you will experience powerful exercises, multi-media presentations, and meaningful discussions to support you in creating the life you desire. As a part of this class, both of our ministers, Gary and Jane Simmons, will support you as you go through The Q-Process – a 21-day spiritual practice designed to shift your consciousness and your life!

GaryProPresented by Dr. Gary Simmons, the co-founder of The Q-Effect, LLC, and co-creator of The Q-Process-a transformative, self-directed inquiry process that helps identify and integrate limiting beliefs underlying negative life patterns and issues.

Begins this Wednesday, July 29th and continues every Wednesday at 6:30 pm through September 2nd. Pre-registration is required. Call 838-6518 to register. $25 due at the first class.


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