Seva Star: Mary Ladwig

Seva Star features stellar volunteers who provide sacred service, or Seva, to our Center. They are shining stars! This season, we are featuring Mary Ladwig. Mary is a retired Early Childhood Education and Assistance (ECEAP) teacher and parent visitor and has been serving our center in the Youth Ministry for over 35  years! She has worked for Unity Worldwide Ministries in developing curriculum, and most recently she developed the curriculum for this year’s Call to the Wild Kids Camp. Of this, she exclaims, “I have been loving this whole experience this year! I especially loved that all of you [volunteer staff] somehow captured my intention and wanted to make it as good as I did.  I have been so wowed to be working with so many teachers! I felt so supported!  My teaching experience was really isolated, and I would happily have worked in a grade or a building with any of you.  I was telling Rev. Jackie this morning how because of the respect that you gave this material, I have a greater respect for the intentions of the writers of so many other curriculums that we use in the Youth area.” As far as developing curriculum, Mary describes it as a co-creative process: “It’s like an intention is set and we stick with that intention but not how it has to look until it materializes.  We always say, if you want to learn Unity principles, come work with the kids.” Thank you Mary for enriching our community with your unconditional giving!

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