Board Report from Charlie Ker, Board President

If you have been attending Unity Spiritual Center since Revs. Drs. Jane and Gary Simmons became our co-ministers, then you have heard the phrase, “raising the bar here at Unity” many, many times. You’ve also heard Gary share many times during his Unity Spiritual Center Update that the Board of Trustees is also working on raising our bar so that we can be in integrity with the rest of the congregation. What does that mean? It means we are working on our own personal “not enough.” It means we are becoming more self-aware. It means we are taking a different sidewalk. It means we are working on our own personal transformation. As individuals, each board member is coming to terms with our own respective life patterns. The work we are doing individually and collectively is hard, but it is worth it.

Personally, I am really struggling with a sense of “not enough” – a life pattern of mine that has repeated itself throughout my life. I remember as teenager when all of my friends would go away on ski trips during spring break, and I didn’t have the resources to go. I always made up a story as to why I couldn’t go. Those stories were a coping mechanism and pattern I developed of  “having to do without” or not enough. And you know what? I still struggle with that thought today. Why does this life pattern continue to repeat itself in my life today? I know why: it’s because I haven’t learned how to be enough inside. And that’s why I believe so strongly that serving on the board right here and right now is where I am supposed to be. I am being provided tools on how move from not enough to more than enough. Through the Art & Practice of Living with Nothing and No one against me, I am learning who I have come here to be. I am learning that my “not enough” is a shadow quality of lack, and that’s not who I am.  I am worthy, courageous and trustworthy. By taking a different sidewalk, I am not falling in that same hole.

The hard work I am personally doing, and the hard work each member of the board is doing, individually and collectively, is transforming lives. We are moving closer to who we’ve come here to be, and the board has come here to be the living example of raising the bar here at Unity Spiritual Center. We are committed, and I am committed to continuing the practice of being self-aware and to doing the hard work. I am ready to transform.  Your Board of Trustees is ready to transform. Unity Spiritual Center is ready to transform. Nothing and No One is against us!

With Love & Blessings, Charlie Ker

charlie small

President Board of Trustees


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