Who Have You Come Here to Be this Spring?

Who have you come here to be? The question is a deep one that can never be fully answered due to the nature of our continuing evolution on planet Earth. It is humanity’s natural inclination to grow and to flourish. When it stops, we stagnate. So the exciting news is that we are “human becomings” on a path of spiritual self-discovery. This journey is one of eternally developing, expanding and unearthing a deeper awareness through the mystery of life.


This season of renewal never fails to inspire as we watch winter literally melt into spring. Look for the signs – they are everywhere! Seeing new growth appear; smelling the sweet aroma of the dark, rich earth; watching the return of the robins; witnessing the emergence of blossoms and crocuses poking their heads above the damp, fertile soil; shedding heavy winter coats and boots for lighter jackets and shoes – all of these signs are evidence of a surrendering of the harshness of winter into the gentleness of spring.


What can we learn from this seasonal transformation as we continue in our yearlong series, Who Have You Come Here to Be? It begins with recognizing the power of surrender – not as a defeat or weakness of some kind but rather one of opening to an inner greatness that leads us forward on the evolutionary path. Through surrender, we can let go of the harshness of the inner critic as we open to the gentle embrace of Divine Love and let that healing Presence be our guide, bringing forth the warmth and beauty of self-compassion.


What better way to celebrate Easter than by surrendering to the Power within us, allowing Love to rise up and lead? We have the power to release the heaviness of limiting beliefs that tell us we aren’t good enough or that we can’t be successful. Awareness of these habitual beliefs engenders the freedom to make different choices and take authentic action that creates new life-affirming patterns. That transformative process is what the Easter message is all about and each one of us has the Power within to rise up and express the Truth of our Being.


In this season of renewal, we have the potential to truly evolve into, in the words of Neale Donald Walsch, “the next grandest version of the greatest vision you ever held about Who You Are.”


It’s already happening. Look for the signs – they are everywhere!

Blessings, Gary and Jane


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