Register for your SpiritGroup Today!

TaraThank you for your interest in joining a SpiritGroup!

To see a list of the groups forming, click on this link below in blue. You will see a list of 11 groups with their host’s name(s), a description of their group’s “common interest” and location details (i.e., day of the week/time they will be meeting, pets etc.)

Instructions: Right below the link are instructions on how to express interest in a group once you’ve clicked on this link. Space is limited so express interest today!!


Instructions to express interest in a particular group once you’ve clicked on the link: 

  1. Want to inquire to the host about their group? See “Interested in the group?” on the right side of the page. This is where you will register to express interest in that group.
  2. See “Have an account? Login or Create one.”
  3. Either click on “Login” if you already have an account/are returning or click on “Create one” to make an account if you are new to the system.
  4. To make an account:
  • Enter your first and last name (required).
  • Enter your email address (required).
  • Enter your phone number and/or message to the host, if desired.
  • Retype the characters from the picture (required).
  • Click Send.
  1. When you click send, an email is then sent to the host notifying them of your interest.
  2. You will receive an email from the host letting you know if there is space in the group or not. Note: no one is automatically in a group by registering. Sometimes there is a lag between a group filling up and the group being removed from the “Groups Found” list.
  3. If you happen to receive an email that there is not space in that particular group, I encourage you to return to the link above to explore what other groups are available.


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