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More to add to your spiritual toolbox with further discussion from Rev. Jane on the 12 Powers, this week on Will.
More of the 12 Powers--Imagination--with Rev. Jane
Transitions are hard! So get the hell out of that icky place with Dr. Gary's help!

Easter Sunday

April 16, 2017

Rise Up and Walk

April 9, 2017
Prepare for Easter with Rev. Jane's talk, sure to lift your spirits!
How to live through tough transitions, with Dr. Gary, part 2
Are you dealing with a lot of transition in your life right now? IF so, listen to Dr. Gary's talk on this topic, AND stay tuned for part 2 coming…
Power is one of Unity's twelve powers and it refers to the spoken word. Listen to Rev. Jane talk about the importance of this personal power.
What is wisdom, and how do we tap into this power? Listen to Rev. Jane to find out!

I Wonder

March 5, 2017
Find out how wonder and curiosity keep us youthful and open to the possibilities of the universe, with Rev. David!