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The Christmas Present

December 11, 2016
Rev. Jane wants to share a Christmas Present with you. Listen for your gift!

YOU Connection

December 4, 2016
Our Youth of Unity give this talk about how the YOU has transformed their lives. Give it a listen
Listen to our Center Update, a peaceful meditation and Dr. Gary's talk about how to transforming those "less-than" experiences into something amazing.
Prepare to be grateful and join Rev. Jane on a mission of gratitude. Grab a journal and take the 40-day challenge. Also listen to a meditation and our Center Update.
Get inspired by Dr. Gary's talk, meditation, and the Center Update for thoughts on the recent election.

Chop Wood, Carry Water

November 6, 2016
Rev. David' returns for a timeless talk on the importance of doing the work in order to see the changes you want to manifest.  
Listen to Dr. Gary's talk, especially when you need to get out of your head and Stop It!
Listen to our Center Update and Meditation with Dr. Gary, and another inspiring message from Rev. Jane!
The Center Update with Dr. Gary, meditation with Rev. Jane, and the Sunday Talk, including more about the power of Mind Movies, with Dr. Gary.
Listen to our Center Update and a meditation with Dr. Gary, and Rev. Jane's second talk in her How Then Shall We Live? series, inspired by Dr. Wayne Muller's book…