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Are you ready to have your mind blown? Listen to the Center Update with Dr. Gary, which includes a Spiritual Life Hack with board member Cristy Lapke. Continue listening for…
Listen to a centering meditation with Dennis Ashley and Rev. Jane's Talk on healing.
Meditate with Dr. Gary and Mark Welch on guitar, then be wowed by 18 year-old YOU graduate, Emily Michels' and her inspiring story.
How's hiding Behind the Mask? Find out with Rev. Jane and listen to our Center Update and a meditation with Dr. Gary before the talk.
Give a listen to Dr. Gary's talk from his Making Your Mind Matter series. Preceded by a mediation with Mary True and Center Update, also with Dr. Gary!
Listen to our Center Update with Dr. Gary and his meditation. Then sit back, be in the moment and learn about Unwrapping the Present with Rev. Jane.
What's the key to getting what you want? Hear from Dr. Gary to find out! And listen to the Center Update and a meditation preceding Dr. Gary's talk....
How do you see the light in others, especially in times of darkness? Listen to Rev. Jane's talk and hear from Dr. Gary in his Center Update and meditation to…
Set a fire in your soul with Rev. Jane's talk, preceded by the Center Update and a meditation with Dr. Gary
Listen to this week's Center Update where Dr. Gary honors some of our favorite people and and shares some wonderful news, then hear his Sunday Talk!