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Father’s Day 2016

June 19, 2016
Father's Day talk with Dennis Ashley and special guests! Listen for some father's day love!
Guest speaker, Rev. Michael Moran's talk is inspiring--give it a listen!
Listen to great news from Dr. Gary, meditation with Dennis Ashley, and Rev. Jane's Sunday Talk about emotional baggage.
Enjoy our Center Update with Dr. Gary, a soothing meditation with Rev. Jane and Dr. Gary's in depth talk about the power of our minds

Cosmic Coincidence

May 22, 2016
Hear our Center Update, a calming meditation and Rev. Jane's inspiring talk on the cosmic connection of random coincidences.
You know what a Life Hack is, right? Well learn how to apply some Spiritual Life Hacks to simplify and deepen your spiritual life from this Talk with Rev. Jane
Mary True, Rev. Jackie, Salli Sledge and Murphy share messages about Unity's founder Myrtle Filmore, Wee Wisdom, a mother's encouragement and the roots of Mother's Day, all interwoven with their…

The One Thing

May 1, 2016
Center Update with Dr. Gary and his thoughts on changing your mind to change your life and your health!
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