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Rev. David returns to talk about happiness!

Look at the Upside!

June 25, 2017
Youth of Unity graduate, Sophia Waldenberg, shares her story about overcoming adversity and how it shaped her life.

Fore Father’s Day

June 18, 2017
Dr. Gary's Father's Day talk focuses on our family challenges and how to heal those wounds. Listen to start your healing!
Dennis Ashley speaks on the power of
Rev. Jane continues with her 12 Powers series on the power of Order. Listen now!
Jesus was the original quantum physicist. Listen to Dr. Gary's talk to learn about Quantum Jesus.
Ever had an "aha" moment? Listen to Rev. Jane's talk on spiritual understand and see if you can relate!
More to add to your spiritual toolbox with further discussion from Rev. Jane on the 12 Powers, this week on Will.
More of the 12 Powers--Imagination--with Rev. Jane
Transitions are hard! So get the hell out of that icky place with Dr. Gary's help!
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