Halloween with Rev. Jackie and our Youth Ministry

The word hallow means saint or holy person. Hallowe’en is short for All Hallows’ Eve, the evening before All Hallows or All Saints Day, November 1…

Halloween and All Saints Day Are examples of Unity’s denial and affirmation prayer process. Halloween is the denial, denying that what is scaring us has any power over us. All Saints Day is the affirmation part of the prayer tool. Affirming what we want and inviting it into our lives.

All Saints focuses on light and faith. It follows the dark night of Halloween that focused on fear and death. All the elements of the darker side of life symbolize the soul coming from the darkness of Hallows’ Eve into the light of All Saints Day.

We recognize and deny power to what is scaring us. We do this, not by tricking it, but rather by treating it with respect and acknowledgement. We admit that we feel scared by skeletons in our closet, by ghost appearances, by mysterious witches and potions, ugly emotions, unexpected noises. Yet, by remembering the light of God that is inside of us, we are able to move through life shining light on our path and casting out darkness.

light sticks

Our youth brought this into practice last Sunday when they took part in many metaphysical activities in our youth education ministry. One activity involved drawings of monsters,  symbolizing the things that scare us–real or imagined. The children were encouraged to take pencils and poke holes in the drawings. The kids really got into the act of deconstructing! Once all the kids took part, the lights in the room were turned off and a light was placed behind the monster drawings. You know what they saw? Lots of reassuring light shining through the holes that they created!

We also gave all our youth glow sticks to take home and use, to keep the light shining, and to feel safe and strong during this spooky Halloween season.

From a 12 Powers Perspective, preparing for new life (the power focus in December) with a last burst of zeal (the power focus in October), we release our ghosts, and we let go of negative habits which plague us. They leave and depart this plane. In growth toward God Consciousness we are ready to start fresh; pure of heart we are ready to commune with the saintly pure parts of our nature, the Christ within, on all Saints Day.

Even though we may feel like a goblin or a ghost, we remember that we are all the same, filled with Christ light. We are all potential saints to those around us. We make a difference by expressing love. We can let our spirit shine forth to guide.

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