Let it Go

NewDavidSmPerhaps you’ve heard the story of monkey traps. When anthropologists discovered how greedy and possessive monkeys can be, instead of running them down with nets and tranquilizer needles, anthropologists took coconuts, made a hole in them, tied them to a tree and went home. The next morning they’d return to find dozens of wild monkeys, unharmed, with their little hands stuck in the coconuts. How did this work?

Simple: the hole in the coconut was cut just big enough for a monkey’s hand to squeeze through. Inside, the coconut contained some tasty goodies. The monkeys would creep up on the trap, smell the bait, reach in and grab a fistful, and when they tried to bring their hands out, the fist, of course, wouldn’t pass through the hole. As much as the monkeys jumped and screamed and struggled to get free, they couldn’t. Why? Because they were unwilling to LET GO of the bait. And so they were trapped.

Now being smart humans, we instantly reason, “Why didn’t the stupid monkeys let go of the stuff, pull their hands out, and run away?” Well, they didn’t because they are, like humans, reluctant to let go.

So, whenever you and I refuse to let go of something we have, life makes a monkey out of us. The power of possession and attachment overrules all risk, rhyme, and reason.

When it becomes obvious to us that it’s time to let go of an attachment to a relationship, to a job, to a way of life, or to a possession, like the monkeys, we may jump and scream in pain and fear.

Too often we confuse ownership with companionship, not realizing that all people, places, and things. Even good things change, and more importantly, we change. We may outgrow, outlast, outlive everything in our lives. Or maybe it will outlive us!

Learn to let go of anything or anyone you are holding onto with a tight, fearful grip. The good, the blessing, the gift that has always and will always be yours then has a chance to enter your life.


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