UNITY, Changing Lives: Donna Bradford


You may have noticed Donna Bradford playing the piano at Unity, helping with our Unity Library or riding her bicycle to our spiritual center in the last year. Through her rides on public transit, which brought her past Unity on a regular basis, she first noticed our center and decided to come to a service in February of 2014. She says “the beauty of Tawni Wright’s piano prelude music captured her heart and Rev. David’s eloquence calmed and directed her spirit.” She sought fellowship with people connected in spiritual worship, and that is what she found at Unity. Donna’s life has evolved dramatically over the last two years, from homeless shelters to standing up tall on her own two feet, employed and living independently. Can you imagine the bravery that Donna tapped into to attend a service for the first time? Probably you can because you were once a guest and new as well. Donna was drawn to this “loving community of spiritually-centered people,” which has encouraged her “shy handshakes” to include “warm hugs.” Donna says she is grateful to Unity for the community, the fellowship, the music and the message. If you haven’t done so already, say hello and connect with Donna Bradford.


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