The Ego and the Christmas Season

In times of feeling overwhelmed, stress, and health challenges, everyone weakens to some extent the strength that the Great Spirit provides from within. Thus, the ego takes over, and creates chaos and trouble. In fact, ego competes with God’s peace and harmonious healing conditions by adding fear, uncertainty instead of faith, trust, and not  accepting the condition as “it will come to pass.” Whether it is an emotional upset, a relationship drama, a loss of a loved one, or irritating disturbances, ego tries hard to compete with the love of God, and often wins, when our will is weakened in us, and we “give in” to the ego’s triumph in fear, confusion, emotional pain, and disharmony, even chaos and wars.

It happens to me, it happens to everyone once in awhile, regardless of good intentions. Then we are overcome by our egotism. Here is what Charles Fillmore adds about egotism (The Revealing Word): “-A state of consciousness built up by the will functioning in the sense world. In this false expression it looks upon itself as great, honorable, mighty. Supreme egoism stops the flow of spiritual life in the organism, and body atrophy sets in.”

If the negative situation is not overcome that the ego created with the agreement of our weakened sense driven will, sickness sets in, and the body wastes away. So, whom do we trust and have as our inner guide to overcome conflicts?

Again, Charles Fillmore shares the answer: “Ego – spiritual – The True self; and individualized center of God consciousness; I AM; conscious identity.” We find it within ourselves in quietness and silence in our meditation times.

The Course in Miracles proclaims: “All power is of God.

What is not of Him has no power to do anything.”

In the Christmas Season, let us become aware of signs of weaknesses where the ego wants to compete with the love and compassion of God. It has no power of its own. It is all a lesson in disguise to learn from it. Let us become aware and awaken to the Truth within all of us. Let us forgive ourselves and others, for each one reflects and “sees” what is in someone else to learn our lessons as well.

Our ego games are unreal, but by playing the victor over  the I AM brings sickness and unhappiness if our false reality senses are fearfully involved. We base our judgments on experiences, and will finally give up our ego games to awaken all together to the Truth latent in all of us.

In spite of all pre-Christmas preparations, and the short time involved to get it all done for the big Christ Event, let us all be true to our inner silence to stay in balance and connection with the Truth within to keep the ego at bay, and any fear out. We replace fear with love, compassion, and goodness assisting others to heal as we, too, heal ourselves.

From a devoted Prayer Chaplain ©

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