Thank You! From our Board President, Charlie Ker

charlieThank You!  Thank you so very much and from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to serve on your board for the last six years. You see, I am completing my 2nd straight term and 6th straight year overall as a board member and that means my time on the board will come to an end in February. And WOW, what a journey it has been for me personally. So in my final Discoveries article as both President and a member, I’d love to share with you what I experienced during my time on the board.

During my time, I had the pleasure of serving alongside four ministers: two years with Clare Austen, two years with David McClure and the last two years with Gary & Jane Simmons. I had the opportunity of being a part of two major transitions from Clare to David and David to Gary and Jane. I had the opportunity to take part in a ministerial search as well as changing our name to Unity Spiritual Center. My roles included being Treasurer, Historian, Vice President and President. I’ve experienced connections, challenges, self-development, trust, transformation, safety, companionship, fear of not enough, disappointment, fun, enthusiasm, empowerment, stress, excitement, joy. The list is endless! I’ve personally grown as my own spiritual journey has been enhanced while being a member of the board.  I’ve made friends. I’ve learned the business side of Unity Spiritual Center. I’ve experienced declining membership and revenues. I’ve learned how to be more grateful. I developed my own core values as well as struggled with my own sense of not enough. I received tons of support, especially from my wife Rebecca – thank you sweetheart. I have been part of this great transformation that is happening now at Unity Spiritual Center. I have had the honor of deepening my friendship with Dr. Gary over our many Saturday morning get-togethers. But the one thing that I cherish the most and will always carry with me is that sense of fulfillment I have in my heart for serving Unity Spiritual Center and giving my best and always showing up. I remember the call I received from Jeff Hunter six years ago asking me if I would consider serving on the Board of Trustees. After praying about it, I called him back and said YES, and I am so grateful I did. Being a trustee is an experience that I can always look back on and know that I did my best and gave my all. I have been very blessed to serve here at Unity Spiritual Center. So again, I thank you for allowing me to gain this life experience. I will always treasure it.

With Love & Blessings,  Charlie Ker, Board President


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