Small Group Ministry Coming Soon!

Final1Large_JPGUnity Spiritual Center will be launching our small-group ministry program, called SpiritGroups, this spring!

These small groups will offer a wide variety of gathering options through which it is easy to make friends, deeper connections and loving relationships in our spiritual community. SpiritGroups are about gathering with other like-minded people and allowing friendships to naturally form between people, which is how community happens – naturally. In a small group we hang out, have fun, share life, and experience God with a group of friends.

We are also starting to recruit “hosts.” Hosts do not carry the responsibility for the spiritual development of group members. Instead, hosts carry the responsibility of running a group meeting–including providing a location for the group to meet, managing a pre-packed curriculum and providing snacks. Hosts are often recruited in conjunction with our center.

Email Tara Wear if you would like to become a host or would like more information about this exciting new program —


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