Seva Star: Lyla Brekke

A Seva Star is a stellar volunteer who provides sacred service, or Seva, to our Center. They are shining stars! This quarter, we are featuring Lyla Brekke.

Why do we try news things? For many of us, myself included, we take the plunge because we know someone who’s trying something and invites us along. This is exactly what happened to Lyla Brekke when she joined the Unity Choir. Soon after coming to Unity 15 years ago, Lyla joined the choir because “a friend talked her into it,” she recalls with a smile, and she’s been singing ever since. Lyla is a co-owner of The Scoop with her daughter and is also a librarian at Eastern Washington State Hospital. She pulls from these business talents as she helps support our music program. In 2005, Lyla signed on as our music librarian. The choir and our music collection have grown significantly over the years. Currently, we own over 300 pieces of music that Lyla keeps organized and up to date. She also works closely with our administrator, Terri Lewis-Sander, during our musical revue, Broadway on Bernard, with tickets sales. Lyla loves singing with the choir, and she extends a personal invitation to you to join the fun!


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