The Broken Road

From our ministerial candidate, Teri Hawkins who will be speaking and facilitating a workshop January 4th…

Our world is round for a very practical reason, because the place that seems like an ending is always a beginning. And so it is with our soul’s walk. Like any journey, life has potholes, detours, bridges that are out, and maps that are impossible to read. Yet every ending is just a beginning by a different name and every ending simply a new beginning.

Often it feels as if we have reached our wit’s end. We become troubled, confused, sad, angry, even lost. That moment is the moment when we find, accept, open our arms to the total love we call God. It is because we become willing to look, to see. That moment – the moment of desperation, of loss, of unbearable pain – that is where God lives. It is the place where our barriers become too heavy to hold up and so we let go, and Voila’ we can hear, see, feel, know God.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are itsy bitsy matters compared to what lies within us. If our roads are always easy, paved, smooth, without danger or misdirection what then would we learn? What reason or motivation would we have to do anything differently anything of consequence, or passion, or realness?

My Baptist grandpa use to always say, “God aint’ gonna give me anythin’ I can’t handle. I just keep a wishin’ that he didn’t trust me so much.” My grandpa had many broken roads in his life and every single one of them was a blessing.

Blessings, Rev. Teri

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