When the Ground is Shaking, Hold the Sky

Songwriter KARL ANTHONY presents HOLD THE SKY & INDIA, August 27th at Unity Spiritual Center

Speaking & Performing at our 10 am service

This is a potent heart-felt concert guaranteed to rejuvenate your capacity for hope. Karl writes deeply insightful songs directly inspired by his years of world touring and international service. The breathe of Karl’s music is a nurturing and delightful journey into the pursuit of living a meaningful and joyful life and the rich discovery we observe in ourselves when we run across the life’s challenges.


When he is not traveling Karl’s music is influenced by his unique experiences working in the healing arts department at Children’s Hospital in San Diego. Hold The Sky is the title of one of the songs you will hear and the stories behind this song and others will leave you encouraged and wide open. Karl may even introduce a few of his kirtan style mantra songs using sanskrit and english lyrics. You will be so thrilled you attended this performance…it is a celebration and a vibration of pure joy.




Talk Description: When the ground is shaking, Hold The Sky


A child in a hospital bed described to me that chemotherapy felt like an earthquake inside their body; as if the ground was shaking inside them. I responded with this question: What do you do when the ground is shaking inside you? The child responded, Hold The Sky.


Discovering strength within yourself is a required course in life, especially when the foundation you have learned to trust is shaking beneath you.


Art and music are powerful tools in the healing process as they open the doors to our human connection. This presentation will tug on your heart and squeeze the joy straight to your smile.



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