Music at our Unity Spiritual Center

The music team wants to thank you, the Unity Community, for sending us to the Unity Posi(tive) Music Convention in Tampa Bay last February.  The new sing-along preludes and meditation songs that you are enjoying are part of the voluminous amounts of positive music we experienced.  While at the convention, we also had a chance to play a couple of our original songs that were also well received.


Finally, choir wraps up another season this June and thanks you for your support for what was another wonderful year of music making. Special thanks to Tawni Wright, Jeff Hunter, Liz Ryburn and of course Salli Sledge for all their help in keeping the choir organized.


Many Thanks,

Shawn & Tawni Wright, Choir & Music Directors


Liza is the Communications Coordinator at Unity Spiritual Center Spokane and has been a member since 2007. Liza grew up in Spokane and lives with her husband and daughter in this "Near Nature, Near Perfect community."

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