LOVE this Sunday and celebrate Valentine’s Day early with Us

From Pema Chodron’s thoughts, which she had after reading The Training of the Boddhisatva, composed in the 8th century by Shantideva…

If these long-lived, ancient patterns of mind, closed-heartedness, which are the well-spring only of unceasing woe,

If these patterns of hard-heartedness can find their way, which only lead to my own suffering, as well as the suffering of others,

If they can find their nodules safe within my heart, how can peace and joy ever be found?”

Rev. Jane speaks about LOVE this Sunday, one of Unity’s twelve powers. Such a powerful emotion. Such a complicated feeling to maintain in uncertain times, challenging times. If we spend any length of time on social media, or consuming any media at all right now, it’s easy to feel outrage. Yet, feeling outrage at the world and other people’s actions (by acting it out with our words, actions, minds) just strengthens our own anger. As long as we’re feeding it, anger won’t ever go away. There’s no peace for love in that cycle.

Practice love, courage, open-heartedness and compassion for ALL this Valentine’s Day. Practice being the operative word, because you’ll probably be left with a feeling of uneasiness, anxiety, discomfort even. And those are not pleasant feelings to handle. But that is what’s left when you don’t harden your habits and when you resist them.

Stay with the soft-spot, sit with the unease. Then take a personal vow today–make it clear in your own mind–to keep an open heart and mind. Spread love.


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