Change is Here

The crisp Fall air reminds me that change is here. All the colors–trees with leaves so red–they look as if they are on fire. This season warms my heart, filling me up with memories from the years before.

It’s crazy how the Earth shows us that death is not an end and only a beginning to something new and alive. With her never-ending cycles, we are shown that there is always more to come. There’s an understanding; it’s just the way things work: trees die, flowers die, things die, but then all of a sudden new life appears. It’s curious to me why we as humans, in our little realities, have such a hard time accepting change. Is this fear that keeps me feeling stuck, blocked, and in a fog? Will the beginning after this end be better than this… Or what if it’s worse!?

Here we go, falling downward into a spiraling abyss, and succumbing to our fear of the unknown, with our expectations chained around our necks, stuck. Not willing to step forward and take on whatever life is throwing at us.

But what if, instead of fear, we filled our minds with the idea that anything is possible? Anything! Greatness. Something extraordinary. What if, waiting on the other side of change is the beautiful person you dream to be? There’s a simple choice to make, and that is whatever is on the other side of change, choose to find joy and love. If the cycles of Earth are so beautiful, we have a chance for that same beauty– ┬áIt’s her secret, “don’t be afraid,” she whispers in the wind.

It’s time to surrender. It’s time to dream. It’s time to wake up and know that change is inevitable, provoking, but most of all beautiful. It’s scary, I know, but it’s always beautiful. Deep down you know this too, you can feel it right there in your heart.


Once a caterpillar came to an end, only to find himself a new beginning… One where he was able to fly. Imagine that.

They say the only thing harder than change is trying to fight it. Stop fighting and start embracing. You’re so close to flying.

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