Fear is the Opposite of Love

Fear is the opposite of love – how can we love God when we fear him at the same time?

Let us look briefly at the Aramaic translation: God is alaha, or ithea. God has many names in many different religions. He is called elohim or alohim in Hebrew, etc. These names stem from the Semitic root.

So what is God? When we look at the translations of the different names of God, we find surprisingly that God is really nothing we would have to fear. We already know or believe that God is Love, Life, Light, Energy. God is also a self-existent principle, self-coercive, self-sustaining, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent – a loving Life Force that is and goes through everything manifested – whether human beings, animals, nature, Mother Earth, the Universe with all its content. Whatever we can see, touch, observe with our own five senses and our sixth sense has its existence of the One who is called “ithea.”

This creative Life Force is also a very intelligent Presence, healing, and assists to evolve, to move into the awareness of Oneness with all life. How do we even dare to fear this wonderful and loving Energy that only wants to wake us up individually to the Truth within us?
We all were influenced by the teachings of the Old Testament written by people who did not fully understand the Truth due to their own level of awakening and laws. We now begin more consciously to understand that the real Power of the loving, universal consciousness we call God is within each and every one of us.

When we say that we are afraid of God – we are not afraid of God – “ithea,” the sustaining Power of God in general, but of our own power within; for we are gods, capable of greater works than Jesus did. It is this fear we need to overcome and join the ranks of the Masters like Lord Jesus, (who said: “Follow me.”) who came here to Earth to guide us through the process of evolving spiritually. We have all the God-qualities within. Is this so frightening?

Charles Fillmore (The Revealing Word) writes: “fear of God – “Only fear Jehovah, and serve him in truth with all your heart” (1Sam. 12:24). In this scriptural passage the word fear is used with Webster’s meaning: Awe, profound, reverence, especially for the Supreme Being.”
Let us take a very close look at ourselves, and find out why we are afraid of our own spiritual power within, and who we truly are. This is the fear of god, but not the fear of God.

With this in mind, let us continue our inner search to find the Truth about ourselves in silent meditation and prayer sessions. It will happen eventually with practice step by step.

A dedicated Prayer Chaplain ©

Liza is the Communications Coordinator at Unity Spiritual Center Spokane and has been a member since 2007. Liza grew up in Spokane and lives with her husband and daughter in this "Near Nature, Near Perfect community."

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