Conscious Conversations

Unity Spiritual Center Spokane (USCS) is on a path to becoming a mission-centric (rather than a minister-centric) ministry. This requires group awareness of the mission and a commitment to align decisions and actions with that mission. To assist USCS in its progress toward becoming mission-centric, a process called Conscious Conversations was initiated in the
Spring of 2018. Conscious Conversations is a heart-centered, person-to-person inquiry about what is moving, evolving and emerging within a community. These conversations served to increase connection and engagement within USCS and to explore USCS’s impact as a spiritual community.

Questions were open-ended, allowing respondents to express themselves authentically. Members of the Evolutionary Council, a Board-appointed team of 15, conducted conversations with 130 people connected to USCS through either membership or attendance. Conversations focused on
two general areas: 1) How individual respondents have been impacted by the ministry and 2) Suggestions on how the ministry could more fully evolve, thereby deepening its impact. The Evolutionary Council combined and analyzed the results, identifying common themes as well as unique “outlier” ideas. Those results are provided below, supplemented by transformational stories and ideas from specific respondents.

Read the report.

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