Board Report

This Spring, your Board of Trustees was in the process of connecting as a “new” group.

As a mission-centric ministry, part of that Board “connection process” is revisiting our core values so that our discussions and decisions will be consistently aligned with our mission and values. To that end, we have reviewed our Board Core Values: 

· integrity,

· commitment,

· emotional maturity,

· spiritual maturity,

· accountability,

· and fiscal responsibility. 

Another area of board focus is strengthening the congregation’s sense of ownership in, and excitement about, this incredible spiritual journey we are traveling together. This takes the form of stronger-felt connection with one another (thus the new nametags coming soon), increased volunteerism, and financial abundance. In addition to continuously monitoring our finances, the Board of Trustees is working with the Foundation Board to resolve their status and resources.

We are excited about our upcoming board retreat in July, where we will move more fully into exploring the Conscious Conversations results. 

If you have a question, inspiration, suggestion or concern please do not hesitate to speak to any board member.  We welcome your input!

Joan Broeckling — President, Unity Board of Trustees

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