One Person Makes a Difference

Right now as I watch the news or talk with neighbors and co-workers I see a lot of division in the world. This has led me to stop and ask myself two questions:

Am I contributing to this divisiveness with my own thoughts and actions?

What can I do to change my behavior in a positive way to change the world in a positive way?


In Unity we believe that thoughts are things that generate the reality of our world. I also personally believe that the things we speak into the world, give physical voice to, have even more impact than our thoughts.


I have set a personal goal to strive to eliminate thoughts and speech that add to divisiveness. For me this is not an easy task. I further have committed myself to bringing the attention of those around me think about what they can do individually and collectively to change the world in a positive way (hence this article). I know that many of you are involved in this already as members of the Transformation Transition Team. For the rest of us, I just ask you to stop and think, or meditate and pray on this. Then take action.


David Leinweber, President, Board of Trustees


Daniel Nahmod, Live in Concert

Singer/songwriter and producer Daniel Nahmod is best known for his passionate, stirring live performances, and an award-winning catalog of powerful, insightful, inspiring pop songs! And he’s coming to our center on Sunday, October 15th at 7 pm! We are blessed!



Daniel has performed his profoundly moving songs of peace, compassion and connection for most of the world’s major faiths, including Catholic, Christian, Buddhist, Bahai, Muslim, Mormon, Hindu, Jewish, Unity and interfaith audiences. Daniel’s poetic and evocative message of peace, love and compassion across all nations, cultures and faiths has found overwhelming acceptance wherever he has performed. He has been featured on numerous cable and radio broadcasts in over 90 countries; at cultural festivals, interfaith and environmental fairs, workshops and conferences, youth rallies, 9/11 services; and as a keynote musical presenter at benefits for such organizations as Habitat For Humanity, Operation USA, Achievable and Anti-Defamation League. Daniel has also performed for various U.S. governors and mayors, and for congressmen in Washington, D.C.

$15 in advance, $20 at the door.
Purchase tickets on Sudays or Tuesday-Thursday from 10-3. Or call 509-838-6518 to order tickets over the phone.

World Day of Prayer and Peace Week

Thousands of people will join Silent Unity®—an international, transdenominational 24/7 prayer ministry—and Unity churches and centers around the world on September 14, 2017, for the 24th annual Unity World Day of Prayer.  The theme of the 24-hour prayer event is “Peace in the Midst.” This year’s affirmation is “I am peace in the midst of all matters!”


As part of Unity’s annual World Day of Prayer celebrations, we’re hosting a meditative peace walk on September 14 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Join others of like mind as you walk the labyrinth and contemplate being peace in action.  All are welcome!

Please bring a canned good to donate to 2nd Harvest Food Bank, which will be placed in the labyrinth and blessed while we walk.  You may also donate canned goods anytime before Sept 14th, even if you are not planning on walking the labyrinth.


Leading up to the labyrinth walk, Unity Spiritual Center will be hosting a prayer vigil from 2-6 pm in our chapel. Unity invites people of all faiths to join in this sacred prayer activity.


We are also partnering with the Compassion Games again this year. Look for Alternatives to Violence Project presenting at the Imagine Spokane Forum, Saturday, Sept 16 from 9 am—4:30 pm at the Hemmingson Center at Gonzaga University. Come explore issues of eliminating poverty and creating a just, safe, and inclusive community.  And, our very own SpiritVoice is performing at the World Peace Flag ceremony,  Thursday, Sept 21 at 7 pm at the Hemmingson Center at Gonzaga University.


Fall Volunteer Report from Dennis Ashley

Volunteering at church—it’s a magical animal, a bit of a shape shifter actually.  Its original shape is “we need volunteers to get things done at church.” And while that’s true, just start contributing your time and talent, and that act of volunteerism shifts its shape into something very peculiar.


Why?  Because volunteering is not a means to an end. It is the end. Volunteering becomes a way to learn something new.  We have fun, and it stretches our limits in ways that never crossed our minds.  And the enigma wrapped inside the mystery is that we discover a lot more about ourselves by serving others.


It is certainly true that needed work at the church gets done through volunteers and that is important. But what is far more important is the work that gets done inside of you when you volunteer.  You dive headlong into the deep end of the pool. One day it hits you–you’re not just coming to church, you are the church. So join a team and:

Become a wizard and draw forth the magic that lives inside our children.

Be a magus of books and help at the bookstore.

Host a conflux of a SpiritGroup.

Greet people when they come here on a Sunday and let ‘em know they’re home again.

Whip up a latte.

Champion the grounds with our landscaping team.

Croon with the choir.

Call forth that thaumaturge you didn’t even know was there and become a chaplain.

You get to take yourself and the church to a new level. Not sure what floats your boat on volunteerism?

Shoot Dennis Ashley an email at and find out what new possibilities there are. Together we can conjure up something magnificent!


Kids are coming! And our Youth Ministry Staff are ready for them!

Our incredible team of volunteer adults are faithfully, lovingly and inspirationally committed and prepared to greet our younger Unity family members each Sunday morning. Collectively the 23 of them have served from a year and half to way over 20 years and have conservatively been part of approximately 2,820 Sunday mornings.


UniTot Team ( infants – 5 years of age): Bob Luthmers, Elizabeth Herrin, Jessica Sleight, Joan Syverson, Sarah Ramos, Sharol Sanders, Sue Terry, Randy Sleight


UniKids Team (Kindergarten – 2nd grade): Mary Ladwig, Michelle Broeckling, Marlene Lock, Lois Green, Zach Supon


UniFriends Team (3rd – 5th grade) Hank Broeckling, Cheryl Miller-Arndt


Uniteens Team (6th – 8th grade) Joan Broeckling, Karen Dahl Darling


Y.O.U. Team (9th – 12th grade) Cristy Lapke, Jeremiah Supon, Judi Jamison, Ray Clarry, Sandy Schilling, Scott Jamison


For information about the variety of ways to serve on one of the youth teams and to apply email Rev. Jackie Green,, or call 838-6518 for more info on our youth education programs and camps.


Where is Your Attention?

Where is Your Attention?


There is so much competing for our attention these days—political issues, social media, family matters, fads, conspiracy theories, the nightly news, not to mention what’s happening in our minds, hearts and bodies. There is even a new term used to describe the economic landscape of our post-modern society—“attention economy.” Literally, everything is vying for our attention. If a business, marketer, politician or terrorist can tap into your attention, they are now able to hack into your well-being and worth, simply by inferring that something is wrong with you or the world. And, boy is there plenty of evidence to support this seeming actuality of our times.


It is important for us to understand how our attention is influenced by outer conditions and what we become when we believe that these conditions have power over us. When our attention is compelled to make sense of what is happening in the outer, we can easily become in bondage to, or diminished by, outer circumstances.


Whenever fear, lack or separation is our context for what we are having, conditions in the outer will inadvertently seem more real and formidable. What our spiritual principles tell us, however, is that ALL outer conditions arise from within and that the world mirrors what is going on inside of us.


This is actually very good news. If it is originating within and being reflected back to us then we have the means to change it. If we truly believe that there is only One Presence pervading all, One Power sustaining all, One Life living itself through and as all of creation, then whatever is being reflected is not against us. That may be difficult to see when our “attention economy” is tuned to “the enemy,” namely what appears to be wrong with the world or what we don’t want. Our tendency then is to categorize and demonize “the other.” The key to healing and transforming the divide is to shift our focus inward, resetting our context for engaging our outer experience, so that we can come from wholeness and oneness rather than separation and lack.


When we do that, a whole new world opens up to us as we automatically shift from my political party and your political party to our government. From my culture and your culture to our world. From my ethnicity and your ethnicity to our humanity. “Society is not breaking down….something else is breaking through.” Shariff Abdullah assures us. This is what is breaking through – a new paradigm of living starting with the dawning realization that there is no other. We are all interconnected parts of the oneness of life.


Shift to an internal focus and greatly boost the robust value of your attention economy.





SpiritGroups Summer-Style Update

There are 4 SpiritGroup service projects you are invited to participate in. See the details below and thank you in advance for your involvement!

Spokane Riverkeepers Trash Hunt! 

Organization’s mission: dedicated to protecting and restoring the health of the Spokane River

Role: Care for the river by picking up trash

Event: On Saturday, August 19 — 9 to 11am

Where: At Mission Park (the one near Gonzaga)

All ages welcome! Please accompany children.

Contact SpiritGroup Lead, Tabitha Porter at for more information or just show up.

It’s a community event so bring a friend(s) and spread the word! 


Free Rein Therapeutic Riding Center 

Organization’s mission: this adaptive riding program builds strength, confidence and independence for people with disabilities

Roles: Be a “side walker”, “leader” or help behind the scenes in the office or fundraising for

No horse experience needed. Must be 14 years or older to participate.

Curious about this and other ways to help?

Contact the organization at for more information.


American Childhood Cancer Organization (Inland NW)

Organization’s mission: to help each family cope with life during childhood cancer treatments and rebuild their lives

Event: Be a table captain at annual luncheon on Sept 26th at the Lincoln Center 11:30 – 1:00

Other roles: provide materials for silent auction baskets or donate funds to help

Contact SpiritGroup Lead, Lou Slak to get involved at or for more information


Anna Ogden Hall

Organization’s mission: this warm, welcoming home-like shelter offers a free, long-term grace-based recovery program to women and children

Role: donate funds to have supplies needed purchased and delivered

Contact SpiritGroup lead, Noel Cave at for more information


Fall SpiritGroups forming now!!! See Tara Wear for more information or contact her at

When the Ground is Shaking, Hold the Sky

Songwriter KARL ANTHONY presents HOLD THE SKY & INDIA, August 27th at Unity Spiritual Center

Speaking & Performing at our 10 am service

This is a potent heart-felt concert guaranteed to rejuvenate your capacity for hope. Karl writes deeply insightful songs directly inspired by his years of world touring and international service. The breathe of Karl’s music is a nurturing and delightful journey into the pursuit of living a meaningful and joyful life and the rich discovery we observe in ourselves when we run across the life’s challenges.


When he is not traveling Karl’s music is influenced by his unique experiences working in the healing arts department at Children’s Hospital in San Diego. Hold The Sky is the title of one of the songs you will hear and the stories behind this song and others will leave you encouraged and wide open. Karl may even introduce a few of his kirtan style mantra songs using sanskrit and english lyrics. You will be so thrilled you attended this performance…it is a celebration and a vibration of pure joy.




Talk Description: When the ground is shaking, Hold The Sky


A child in a hospital bed described to me that chemotherapy felt like an earthquake inside their body; as if the ground was shaking inside them. I responded with this question: What do you do when the ground is shaking inside you? The child responded, Hold The Sky.


Discovering strength within yourself is a required course in life, especially when the foundation you have learned to trust is shaking beneath you.


Art and music are powerful tools in the healing process as they open the doors to our human connection. This presentation will tug on your heart and squeeze the joy straight to your smile.

Unity Kiddos this Summer

Calling all kids, parents, guardians and grandparents! This summer our youth educators will present “Design Your Dreams” Kids Week. If you know a child between the ages of 5-14, this camp is designed for them.

The takes place from August 7-11, and there’s still time to register: KidsCampregistrationform2017!

At Kids Week, participants will create their own powerful visualization tool: either a Mind Movie (3-minute video that includes affirmations, inspirational imag-es, video clips and their own personal soundtrack), age appropriate Dream Journal, or a Dream Poster. These visual tools help to SUPERCHARGE reaching  goals and desires.

Mornings of Kids Week will begin with uplifting songs and affirmations. Then groups will visit different creative activity stations, plus have a snack and free time to play or socialize. Our theme will invite participants on an adventure to explore their dreams, inspirations and aspirations.

Cost is $30