Who is Rejecting Whom?

Who is rejecting whom? Rejection  – either being rejected or rejecting someone or something is an important lesson not to overlook. I recently had a discussion with someone who is badly hurt. Rejection has painful consequences, depending whatever or whoever is rejected. We may reject a package not ordered, a letter we do not want to receive, or even a gift. Such rejections have little or no consequences, depending on the content, and the person who sent something to us.


Make Some Harmonious Choices

How much do we ignore the Spiritual Laws and live – “even with our best intention” – in a world of illusion and lack of commitment?

I recently had a conversation with someone who truly believes that “Life is as is” without making any choices to improve life, as well as for the lives for others when they are incapable to make choices for themselves. It would be well to have deep faith in God Mind to guide, protect, and heal without further effort to improve otherwise. It is, however, not the way Spiritual Laws work.

What is missing? Actions, accepting support form within, and accepting support the Divine Mind sends us to make improvements in one’s life topped with faith that all will work out for our best advantage.

Resistance in anything we are afraid to do is one of the greatest hindrances to manifest whatever we may desire to accomplish otherwise. If someone fears the unknown, and resist to accept support from within and from others, and withdraws from the support available, then progress is suppressed. Fear is magnified. People crawl back into “the shell” for false safety. Sooner or later the faith a person may have in God’s guidance will vanish, because outer pressures begin to be overwhelming and get out of hand. It is easy to say that God is in charge when we do not put actions behind our desires.

We all have choices. When someone does not want to move forward for whatever reason, we declare that this is a personal choice, too. I see it as an inner experience to test the ego versus the wishes of the soul and God-Mind, the trueSelf.

Finally, we all may awaken to accept the fact that our consciousness builds our real environment from the inside through Divine guidance to receive a clear understanding that we are not our bodies, but souls who are manifested in God’s image and likeness. We inherited all the positive potentials to make our lives joyful, pleasant (even in moments of ups and downs); with faith, love, and right choices we will grow through the difficult times much faster. This is Spiritual Law.

All lies in our consciousness, and conscious decisions, actions, and the faith we have in God Mind guidance, for God is expressing Himself as Sprit in and through all of His Creation. In short, we draw to us all that the Spiritual Law allows us to do at our own leisure. Life is eternal, God is patient, cause and effect are balanced by the Law.

We make a conscious choice to deeply desire the connection with God Mind while striving for attaining our goal still in this lifetime: A union with God, awakening to the Truth we were blessed with from our soul creation on by making daily contact in our prayer and meditation sessions.

Yes, it takes a willingness, actions, and effort to accomplish deeper peace of mind, move forward in life without any fear of the unknown, and without “non-choices” that may interfere with others in a disharmonious way.

We are grateful to have choices, grateful that we can tune in to get Divine guidance, and grateful that we have peace of mind to move forward in life according to the Spiritual Law, and support from others as God directs. We may give ourselves credit for the willingness to take the right action, and choose according to Divine guidance.

And when we are not yet perfect – we may ignore the Spiritual Law unconsciously – we try again until we get it right. Let us never, ever give up, make some harmonious choices that not only benefit ourselves, but all others around us who would be effected by our decisions for the best outcomes under Divine guidance. It takes commitment as well.

~From one of our compassionate Prayer Chaplains ©

Jan 30th Daily Word© LIFE

I strive to live from my spiritual and religious beliefs. Even when I’m not part of a spiritual community, I can practice living the truth I know.


I live my life based on the principles and teaching of my spiritual beliefs. My thoughts provide the foundation for aligning my mind with Spirit in me. I can then bring this forth into my words and actions as I interact with the people and situations around me.


I treat others with love and kindness from a place of honesty, generosity, and forgiveness. I give my best effort to live from my spiritual truth and I embrace God with my entire being. I practice spiritual principles to create a divinely centered life. 


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From a dedicated Prayer Chaplain

Where is pain coming from? Did we “sin” – self-inflicted nonsense, or do we live in an illusion that causes us to experience pain?

We can experience pain on different levels such as mentally, physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. How is this pain created?

We know and understand that our bodies are the temple of the living God dwelling within us. We do whatever we can to keep this body clean, healthy, and out of pain as much as we can. Yet, there is no one in this world who would not have pain in one part of the body or another. It is part of life to be somehow in pain. Why is that?

Let us focus for a moment on Jesus’ Crucifixion. Was Jesus really in pain, or did he rise above body consciousness to overcome the pain a mortal person would have felt?

It is my guess that he indeed knew what he was going through, and prepared himself for this event to overcome his personality/mortal being. There is no pain in surrendering through death when we deny the human self, and unite with God in Oneness.

Charles Fillmore (The Revealing Word) clarifies that “the crucifixion is a process of crossing out in consciousness of errors that have become fixed states of mind; the surrender or death of the whole personality in order that the Christ Mind may be expressed in all its fullness.”

When the innermost chamber of the heart is emptied of negativity, of personality, of self-inflicted nonsense, and the thoughts are directed only to God within without the five senses interfering, there is no pain in dying of self in the process of transformation to Oneness.

When my dear aunt died several years ago, she took one long breath, and was instantly and peacefully transformed in a blinking of an eye without pain and further suffering. There are other cases of people prolonging their death in pain ans suffering. Going  peacefully and pain-free is the way to go – we pray for each and every one whosoever is born to leave this earth in a peaceful and painful way.

We all are prone to making mistakes, regardless of how much we watch out to avoid them. This is part of life as a soul being in a mortal physical body. Misjudging, misunderstanding, not trusting, being unduly fearful  –  all self-inflicted nonsense that separates us from our Oneness with God, and causes pain. Separation from God may be expressed in “anguish.”

The Course in Miracles proclaims: “If sin is real, salvation must be a pain. Pain is the cost of sin, and suffering can never be escaped, if sin is real. [Then] Salvation must be feared, for it will kill, but slowly, taking everything away before it grants the welcome boon of death to victims who are little more than bones before salvation is appeased. Its wrath is boundless, merciless, but wholly just.”

We all know and understand that it is not so, and that God does not acknowledge sin as it was believed throughout the Old Testament. It is only in our minds that we miss the mark. So what is pain then that is sometimes inevitable to encounter in body, mind, spirit, emotions, and soul? Pain is but a sign that we must have misunderstood ourselves, and did not listen to our bodies whatever the bodies need, as well as ignoring the small Voice within that knows better to restore our good health to avoid possible pain as God directs. For we are souls, part of the living God energy and life that dwells within us.

Our thoughts, feelings, and emotions contribute a great deal to pain in the body, and we often try to patch up pain with a pill, rather than finding the cause of it. Yet experiencing pain can also be an overcoming karmic action from perhaps so many life times ago, or pain can be a learning lesson never hopefully to be repeated again.

The Course of Miracles further states that we must not “Fear the Will of God. But turn to it in confidence that it will set you free from all consequences of sin has wrought in feverish imagination.”

For this insight, we give thanks, and know that there is no sin, and nothing to fear, for God is in charge, if we trust Him, and let Him do His works through us. We still may experience pain from time to time, but know that this pain will come to pass with God’s guidance and direction. The Remedy? Daily Meditation to connect with the God-Force/Life within who is the greatest Healer of all times.

~a dedicated prayer chaplain ©

Power SpiritGroups defined, an update, and the series dates

Power SpiritGroups defined:
A small group of people sharing their intentions with each other, one by one, week by week, using the power of meditation, mindfulness and thought to transform lives!

The Update:
Over 60 people have joined a group! We are SO excited to have such great participation and know amazing things are ahead for our community.
And there are approximately 12 spots left! Please email Tara at if you are interested in the details of the groups still forming.

Series Dates:
Winter series launches! Week of January 28 (1 week)
The Power Process in Action Week of February 4 thru week of March 25 (8 weeks)
Group Service Week Week of April 1 (during this week, if not before)
Group Social Week Week of April 8 (during this week, if not before)
Winter Celebration & Spring Connection Event On Sunday, April 15 after second service

Power SpiritGroups Forming NOW!

Hello and Happy 2018!

For a series of 8-weeks, beginning the week of January 28, Power SpiritGroups will put the power of thought and intention into action. Following the structure of SpiritGroups, each week a different group member will share an intention with their group (i.e. heal my shoulder from pain), and through the use of a tried-and-true “powering up process,” the group will meditate and focus their attention on that person’s request for healing. We’ll be following the process based on Lynne McTaggart’s, The Power of Eight, now available in our Unity bookstore. Revs. Drs. Jane & Gary will be referring to the book during their Sunday messages throughout our winter series! Sign-ups for groups will begin on Sunday, January 14.


HOSTS NEEDED: We are currently preparing for our winter SpiritGroup series by lining up group hosts as well as taking names of those interested in participating in a small group. FYI: The SpiritGroup Host Orientation/Training is this Sunday the 7th at 12:30 pm in the Chapel.

If you’ve been in a SpiritGroup or hosted one before, please consider being a host for this series, which is bound to be amazing! Email Tara Wear, SpiritGroups Program Leader, at

SpiritGroups for the New Year!

Here are the dates you’ll want to add to your 2018 calendar regarding SpiritGroups: The Power of 8!

You’ll find more details regarding each event below…


Full Calendar

Trainings: Powering Up/New Hosts                                    Sunday, January 7 in Chapel (1230 – 330)

Connection Event/Sign-ups begin                                       Sunday, January 14 in Chapel (10ish & 12ish)

Winter series launches!                                                          Week of January 28

The Power Process In Action (8wks)                                   Week of February 4 thru week of March 25

Service Week                                                                              Week of April 1

Social week                                                                                 Week of April 8

Community Celebration & Connection Event                    Sunday, April 15 after second service

Spring series launches!                                                            Week of April 22


Trainings (January 7)

  • All hosts will need to attend the first portion (the Powering Up process) beginning at 1230. Anyone hosting will need to attend this, even if they’ve hosted a SpiritGroup in the past.
  • As soon as that is done, the New Host Orientation & Training will start for those that are interested in hosting and haven’t done it before. A person is qualified to be a new host once they have been a participant in a SpiritGroup for at least one series.
  • Most likely we’ll wrap up before/by 330pm, if the room is available until then (Rebecca?). Originally I had booked the Chapel until 230pm.

Connection Event/Sign-ups (January 14)

  • At the Connection Event, all available hosts will gather for people to meet who are interested in joining a group.
  • They will be in the Chapel both between services and after the 11am service.
  • David Leinweber & I will be available also to register new folks and help people “express interest” in a group through the database.
  • Hosts will have a maximum number of 8 people signed up for their group.

Winter series Launches (Week of January 28)

  • All groups will go over the 5 spiritual practices of a SpiritGroup, discuss group agreements and get to know each other a bit.
  • This is the perfect week for someone to check out a group. No commitments.

The Power Process in Action (Week of Feb 4 – Mar 25)

  • This is when all groups begin to dive into the Power of Eight process.
  • A new person may join a group this week but not after this week. In order for someone to be in a group, they must have attended either the Launch Week or this first week (Feb 4).
  • Groups meet for 8 weeks, one week per member of the group to share their intention.

Service Week (Week of April 1)

  • Each group decides on and coordinates a service project in the community (either outside of Unity or something to serve Unity).
  • They can do it this week, if they haven’t already done it.

Social Week (Week of April 8)

  • Each group decides on and has a social — a potluck, dinner out, bowling, sledding etc.
  • They can do it this week, if they haven’t already done it. Some groups combine service and social.

Community Celebration & Connection Event (Sunday, April 15)

  • This is when the who community comes together to not only celebrate the end of the series but to also meet the hosts of the next series and signup for a new group.
  • Because the two series’ are back to back, we combine these two events and maximize the momentum!

PLEASE NOTE: Right now, it’s time to line up hosts. 

Please be on the look out for and suggest to those you think would be a good host to contact me, including yourself! 🙂 


Also, please let me know if you have any questions or need other information.


Thanks and great big snowy Blessings to you! 


The Ego and the Christmas Season

In times of feeling overwhelmed, stress, and health challenges, everyone weakens to some extent the strength that the Great Spirit provides from within. Thus, the ego takes over, and creates chaos and trouble. In fact, ego competes with God’s peace and harmonious healing conditions by adding fear, uncertainty instead of faith, trust, and not  accepting the condition as “it will come to pass.” Whether it is an emotional upset, a relationship drama, a loss of a loved one, or irritating disturbances, ego tries hard to compete with the love of God, and often wins, when our will is weakened in us, and we “give in” to the ego’s triumph in fear, confusion, emotional pain, and disharmony, even chaos and wars.

It happens to me, it happens to everyone once in awhile, regardless of good intentions. Then we are overcome by our egotism. Here is what Charles Fillmore adds about egotism (The Revealing Word): “-A state of consciousness built up by the will functioning in the sense world. In this false expression it looks upon itself as great, honorable, mighty. Supreme egoism stops the flow of spiritual life in the organism, and body atrophy sets in.”

If the negative situation is not overcome that the ego created with the agreement of our weakened sense driven will, sickness sets in, and the body wastes away. So, whom do we trust and have as our inner guide to overcome conflicts?

Again, Charles Fillmore shares the answer: “Ego – spiritual – The True self; and individualized center of God consciousness; I AM; conscious identity.” We find it within ourselves in quietness and silence in our meditation times.

The Course in Miracles proclaims: “All power is of God.

What is not of Him has no power to do anything.”

In the Christmas Season, let us become aware of signs of weaknesses where the ego wants to compete with the love and compassion of God. It has no power of its own. It is all a lesson in disguise to learn from it. Let us become aware and awaken to the Truth within all of us. Let us forgive ourselves and others, for each one reflects and “sees” what is in someone else to learn our lessons as well.

Our ego games are unreal, but by playing the victor over  the I AM brings sickness and unhappiness if our false reality senses are fearfully involved. We base our judgments on experiences, and will finally give up our ego games to awaken all together to the Truth latent in all of us.

In spite of all pre-Christmas preparations, and the short time involved to get it all done for the big Christ Event, let us all be true to our inner silence to stay in balance and connection with the Truth within to keep the ego at bay, and any fear out. We replace fear with love, compassion, and goodness assisting others to heal as we, too, heal ourselves.

From a devoted Prayer Chaplain ©

The Gift of Gracious Receiving

I grew up in the area of Syracuse, New York. It is located just east of the Great Lakes. This causes “Lake Effect” snow in the winter, giving the city an awesome average snowfall of more than 10 feet. Suffice it to say, slippery roads are pretty common in the winter. When I was in my late teens my roommate and I were driving home on a pitch-black wintry evening, and we encountered a car on a lonely section of road. It had slid off into the ditch. The car was canted sideways with one rear wheel off the ground. Being well brought up and burly teenagers, we stopped to render assistance. We found a woman alone inside the car who appeared to be in her early to mid 30’s. She was well and truly stuck, with a long cold walk ahead of her on a shoulder-less country road to a phone booth. My friend and I offered to try to push her back onto the road, a task which we were successful at.

The obviously relieved woman offered to give us $20 for our trouble. This was a lot of money back then, probably the price of the tow truck. At the time, it would have taken me almost 6 hours of work to earn that much. We turned her offer down with words to the effect of “Oh it was no trouble” or some such thing. To this day I don’t think I have ever seen a more crestfallen individual. That reaction is why this life event has stuck so strongly in my memory.

As we drove away, I puzzled over her reaction. I knew without a doubt that she was extremely grateful for the assistance. For us it was no big deal, but it was a really big deal to her. I then realized that we were happy to give, it felt good, but we had not given her the opportunity to give in return. She drove away feeling deeply in our debt with no way to return the favor. Paying it forward and random acts of kindness were not “things” yet. We hadn’t even exchanged names.

I’ve since realized that sometimes the best gift you can give is the gift of gracious receiving. Have you had the experience of someone handing you a nicely wrapped Christmas gift and your first thought is “I didn’t get them anything!” Is your reaction embarrassment? Do you say things like “You shouldn’t have.”? You have a chance to give back right then and there. How about a huge smile and opening the gift like a 5 year old would? How about adding bright-eyed thanks and a big hug (if appropriate)? You not only walk away with a cool gift, you walk away with the glow of making someone else happy. How cool is that?

Merry Christmas!

David Leinweber

Chair, Board of Trustees