Are We Out of Our Mind?

Are we “out of our mind?” We all have heard this phrase, and wondered what we did wrong to be accused of such a crazy idea.

The mind is a starting point of the entire manifested world. God’s Mind as Spirit, Life, Love, and Creativity permeates it all, including our total being inside and out.

When we think of it, we can be in awe about the majestic vastness of the universe, the tiny creations of insects, the earth itself with all the wonders within and at the outer levels, and the magnificent mountains bathing in the last glow of the sunset.

Then there are the starts uncountable to our eyes, the moon with its phases; we see can see wherever we look the intelligence of God’s Mind working through His Creations, including through each one of us. All creation is well thought of, and in perfect harmony as it was intended to be.

Let us wipe out the mist that stands between our unconscious mind, our conscious  awareness/awakening, and the Mind of God by going deeper within enjoying the Flow of Spirit to have all our questions answered – one by one. First we observe, then we trust. It certainly will happen if we are willing to make time to connect with the Mind of God/Spirit within.

We all can do it. “Be still and know that I AM God.”

–A Dedicated Prayer Chaplain ©

Fear is the Opposite of Love

Fear is the opposite of love – how can we love God when we fear him at the same time?

Let us look briefly at the Aramaic translation: God is alaha, or ithea. God has many names in many different religions. He is called elohim or alohim in Hebrew, etc. These names stem from the Semitic root.

So what is God? When we look at the translations of the different names of God, we find surprisingly that God is really nothing we would have to fear. We already know or believe that God is Love, Life, Light, Energy. God is also a self-existent principle, self-coercive, self-sustaining, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent – a loving Life Force that is and goes through everything manifested – whether human beings, animals, nature, Mother Earth, the Universe with all its content. Whatever we can see, touch, observe with our own five senses and our sixth sense has its existence of the One who is called “ithea.”


A new SpiritGroup forming for those interested in becoming a Host

Can you feel it? I can! When I walk in the door at Unity Spiritual Center on Sunday mornings, there’s energy, excitement and endless connection happening. It’s community! And it’s thriving because we’re each stepping up, taking ownership of our own transformations and supporting each other in the process.

Here’s an example…


The Namaskar of Being Human

 Let’s play in the grand namaskar of being human.

Don’t know the word namaskar? We understand its meaning best by comparing the words namaste and namaskar. The much more well-known word namaste literally means “I bow to you.” And in a fuller sense, it means the holy and sacred part of me sees the real you—the holy and sacred part of you–and I bow to that spiritual part of you.


We put the FUN in FUNdraiser with Billboard on Bernard and Sacred Rubble

Unity Spiritual Center proudly presents Billboard on Bernard – a fantastic multimedia music show featuring vocal solos, piano solos, instrumental soloists and our own Unity choir. You will hear Top 10 chart busters from over seven decades of hits that made it to the Billboard charts.


This year’s show once again features Spokane’s favorite a cappella doo-wop male quartet, Top Flite, singing great songs such as “Moon Dance” and Billy’ Joel’s “For the Longest Time.” Our show also features singer/violinist Pam Benton performing classic pop tunes “White Bird” and “Devil Went down to Georgia.”


Season of Renewal

In the early sixteenth century, France used to observe New Year’s Day with celebrations that lasted from March 25 until April 1. Then, around 1564, with the arrival of the Gregorian calendar, the beginning of the year moved to January 1. However, many people refused to honor the change, since they didn’t think January 1st felt much like a new beginning. Consequently, they became known as April Fools.


When you think about it January feels like what it is – the middle of winter – a time of dormancy, hibernation and hunkering down. The beginning of spring, on the other hand, definitely has a vibrant sense of a fresh new beginning. And especially with Easter falling on April 1st this year, there is an even greater feel for the resurrecting power of spring.


Who is Rejecting Whom?

Who is rejecting whom? Rejection  – either being rejected or rejecting someone or something is an important lesson not to overlook. I recently had a discussion with someone who is badly hurt. Rejection has painful consequences, depending whatever or whoever is rejected. We may reject a package not ordered, a letter we do not want to receive, or even a gift. Such rejections have little or no consequences, depending on the content, and the person who sent something to us.


Make Some Harmonious Choices

How much do we ignore the Spiritual Laws and live – “even with our best intention” – in a world of illusion and lack of commitment?

I recently had a conversation with someone who truly believes that “Life is as is” without making any choices to improve life, as well as for the lives for others when they are incapable to make choices for themselves. It would be well to have deep faith in God Mind to guide, protect, and heal without further effort to improve otherwise. It is, however, not the way Spiritual Laws work.

What is missing? Actions, accepting support form within, and accepting support the Divine Mind sends us to make improvements in one’s life topped with faith that all will work out for our best advantage.

Resistance in anything we are afraid to do is one of the greatest hindrances to manifest whatever we may desire to accomplish otherwise. If someone fears the unknown, and resist to accept support from within and from others, and withdraws from the support available, then progress is suppressed. Fear is magnified. People crawl back into “the shell” for false safety. Sooner or later the faith a person may have in God’s guidance will vanish, because outer pressures begin to be overwhelming and get out of hand. It is easy to say that God is in charge when we do not put actions behind our desires.

We all have choices. When someone does not want to move forward for whatever reason, we declare that this is a personal choice, too. I see it as an inner experience to test the ego versus the wishes of the soul and God-Mind, the trueSelf.

Finally, we all may awaken to accept the fact that our consciousness builds our real environment from the inside through Divine guidance to receive a clear understanding that we are not our bodies, but souls who are manifested in God’s image and likeness. We inherited all the positive potentials to make our lives joyful, pleasant (even in moments of ups and downs); with faith, love, and right choices we will grow through the difficult times much faster. This is Spiritual Law.

All lies in our consciousness, and conscious decisions, actions, and the faith we have in God Mind guidance, for God is expressing Himself as Sprit in and through all of His Creation. In short, we draw to us all that the Spiritual Law allows us to do at our own leisure. Life is eternal, God is patient, cause and effect are balanced by the Law.

We make a conscious choice to deeply desire the connection with God Mind while striving for attaining our goal still in this lifetime: A union with God, awakening to the Truth we were blessed with from our soul creation on by making daily contact in our prayer and meditation sessions.

Yes, it takes a willingness, actions, and effort to accomplish deeper peace of mind, move forward in life without any fear of the unknown, and without “non-choices” that may interfere with others in a disharmonious way.

We are grateful to have choices, grateful that we can tune in to get Divine guidance, and grateful that we have peace of mind to move forward in life according to the Spiritual Law, and support from others as God directs. We may give ourselves credit for the willingness to take the right action, and choose according to Divine guidance.

And when we are not yet perfect – we may ignore the Spiritual Law unconsciously – we try again until we get it right. Let us never, ever give up, make some harmonious choices that not only benefit ourselves, but all others around us who would be effected by our decisions for the best outcomes under Divine guidance. It takes commitment as well.

~From one of our compassionate Prayer Chaplains ©

Jan 30th Daily Word© LIFE

I strive to live from my spiritual and religious beliefs. Even when I’m not part of a spiritual community, I can practice living the truth I know.


I live my life based on the principles and teaching of my spiritual beliefs. My thoughts provide the foundation for aligning my mind with Spirit in me. I can then bring this forth into my words and actions as I interact with the people and situations around me.


I treat others with love and kindness from a place of honesty, generosity, and forgiveness. I give my best effort to live from my spiritual truth and I embrace God with my entire being. I practice spiritual principles to create a divinely centered life. 


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