World Day of Prayer



Sept 9, 2014

Come celebrate Unity’s World Day of Prayer this Thursday.

We will gather in our chapel for a silent prayer vigil between 2-5:30 pm. Then stay for our World Day of Prayer service at 6 pm. Let your light shine and spread your joy with the world.

The Search Project Update


Sept 2, 2014

As you know, we are in the process of hiring a minister for our Center.

We’ve received five applications, and the Search Committee will now begin looking at the applicants’ resumes and videos. After careful research, the Search Committee will then make their top two to three recommendations to the Board. After reviewing the Search Committee’s recommendations and hearing from the congregation, the Board will select our next Spiritual Leader.

In the next couple weeks, we will share an online survey. The survey will ask questions about Unity Spiritual Center Spokane, and we invite you to complete the survey. Your answers will be shared with our applicants to give them a more complete picture of who we are.

Please look for an infographic in Fellowship Hall illustrating the 21-step hiring process and our progress.

We welcome you to connect with Board members during Board Listening Sundays to share your questions, compliments and concerns during this congregational process. We move forward prayerfully and with our hearts and minds open to the potential.

Upcoming Talks


Aug 27, 2014

Our Fall Commit to Life Program takes place from September 14 to October 26, 2014. We’re calling it “The Search Project,” based on The Seven Whispers written by Christina Baldwin. Join us at 9 or 11 am for Rev. David’s Sunday Talks:

Week One:  September 14 – “Starting from Peace”

Week Two:  September 21 – “Moving at the Pace of Guidance”

Week Three:  September 28 – “With Certainty of Purpose”

Week Four:  October 5 – “Surrendering to Surprise”

Week Five:  October 12 – “Ask For What You Need and Offer What You Can”

Week Six:  October 19 – “Loving What’s In Front of You”

Week Seven:  October 26 – “Receiving What You’ve Heard and Returning to the World”

Latin Dance Was A Success


Aug 27, 2014


Our Latin Dance Under the Stars event was a big hit and so much fun, with over 100 attendees. Thanks to all the support from our members, volunteers, the Latin Dance planning committee & local businesses for helping us raise $1,242 for programming and operations!

Fall Seva Star


Aug 21, 2014

Seva Star features stellar volunteers who provide sacred service, or Seva, to our Center. They are shining stars! This month, we are featuring Scott Jamison.



Scott and his wife Judi came to Unity 17 years ago. “One of the first messages we heard was that we didn’t have to stop being Lutheran or Catholic to be part of this spiritual community. We could use the teachings of Unity to become a better Lutheran or Catholic—Buddhist or Muslim. What a refreshing message that was! I have learned so much, and continue to learn, from the example of compassion, gratitude and inner peace that I see not only from our Unity ministers, but from my fellow travelers in Unity.”

As musicians, it didn’t take Scott and Judi long to find opportunities to help out with an occasional Sunday service or event. “Assisting with, then directing the Children’s Christmas programs, was the best part of our holiday season for many years.” After that, it was a natural progression for Scott to become part of the youth ministry that nurtures our children. “I took a break while I served on the Board of Trustees, then gradually became more involved again in youth education. I have been a YOU sponsor for the past couple of years and plan to continue for at least another year.” Currently, Scott is Chairing our Search Committee as they lead the call to find our new minister. See Scott if you have questions about this search process.

Thank you Scott for your continued service!




A Word From Rev. Jackie Green


Aug 20, 2014

Wayne recently asked me what, when and how do we expose our children to and communicate with them about all the seemingly bad things that are reported in the news.

That is a huge question. You probably have your own answers and experiences with how you have responded to new reports. I would love to hear them.

My response to Wayne was to delay exposure to the news as long as possible when kids are little, and then reduce exposure as much as possible as they grow older. When the moment of a catastrophe presents itself, ask kids what they heard, saw, felt and thought about the situation.

Listen deeply. Breathe into the moment with them. Then ask how they are. “How can people help? What can be done now?” Invite answers. Validate their answers. Ask if they would like to know how others have handled a similar situation. Guide them to know they have options and can make a difference in the world. Our daughter and her children have a ritual of saying a quick prayer whenever they hear a siren.

As we focus our Lights on searching our inner and outer worlds for our best choices, clearest direction and wisest discernment, we are aware of the strength and comfort of knowing we are on this spiritual journey in the supportive company of our Unity Spiritual Family as well as the Creator of all life. Truly all is well.

Rev. Jackie Green


Outrageous Wild Women Retreat Planning for Fall Retreat


Aug 19, 2014

Help the OWWU plan their Oct 10-12 retreat celebrating feminine wholeness & diversity by supporting spiritual growth in an inter-generational healing circle…





Sing the Song You Hear


Aug 17, 2014


Be the love you are,
Sing the song you hear,
Share your joy of life
With people far and near.

This is how we bless our youth at the end of each service. Then, we say this blessing for ourselves….Be the love we are, sing the song we hear, share our joy of life with people far and near. May you be this love as well, shared round the world.


From our Fall Discoveries: Foundation Update


Aug 15, 2014

Your Foundation continues to work with Charlie Ker and Ameriprise Financial. Current balance as of August 4th 2014 is $90,887.19. The Foundation donated $4,500 towards the new stage, which is a capital improvement to the building. You can donate to the lasting legacy of our Unity Spiritual Center by contacting Terri Lewis-Sander. Checks may also be mailed directly to the Foundation Board at our church office.