Thankful for Rev. Jackie’s service in the Unity NW Region

“The Board is grateful for the many years of Jackie’s service to the highest good of the young folks of our region. Having grown up through Kids Camp and YOU in this region, I have long been a beneficiary of Jackie’s kind and graceful presence,” said Rachel Simpson, Unity NW Region board Chair. Rachel also shared Jackie Green’s letter to the board, and we wanted to share Rev. Jackie’s words with you. Her letter is full of grace and gratitude, just like Jackie herself!



Starting Now!

Fall SpiritGroups are starting NOW!
Plan to attend the launching event this coming Sunday, the 23rd, at 12:30 pm.
Meet the facilitators, find out their chosen curriculum, and when and where they plan to host their groups. Some of them will have written summaries of their plans. Pick up copies before the 9 and the 11 o’clock services to help you choose, not only when and where the meetings are, but also what the content will be.
If you are unable attend the event, please contact or at 509-456-0300

Ready for a Paradigm Climb

“May you live in interesting times!” reads the infamous Chinese curse/blessing. I don’t know about you, but I am finding these times go way beyond interesting. More like compelling. Worrisome. Distressing. Troubling. The polarity wrought from the so-called culture wars we are witnessing continues to amplify, sending both sides to their respective corners. The question arises – what can be done to heal the chasm that seems to widen with every news cycle. Specifically, what do our New Thought principles teach, and what is ours to do as students and practitioners of this spiritual path, to bring forth a new paradigm of living?


Time to Regroup for SpiritGroups

Have you been in or hosted a SpiritGroup? Have you learned about the power and concept of  small-group ministry? Then, Let us know!


We’re looking for a few good people to help organize our SpiritGroup launch for the fall. Compassionate Connectors and Community-builders who want to work in Communion with others, and are are up for a Challenge–this group is for you.  Practice the 5 C’s of SpiritGroups and email Frieda about the  SpiritGroup Organizational Team!

“You Have Come to the Room to Heal the Room”

As the two of us excitedly prepare to embark on our trip to Unity Village for the annual Unity Peoples’ Convention, we are anticipating an inspiring and energizing visit. Nothing like returning to the Mother Ship and connecting with colleagues to remind us of why we are involved in the powerful, transformative work of our New Thought movement.


Fitting In

How does it feel to not fit in vs. to fit in? We often try our best to “fit in” socially, and in all ways of life. Yet, we blunder unintentionally. Then what?

Inspired by Dr. Gary’s confession of embarrassment, Dr. Jane, and Rev. David’s sharing about his embarrassment, I chose for today’s topic how I “do not fit in” but not to my embarrassment. How seriously do we take ourselves?


Are We Out of Our Mind?

Are we “out of our mind?” We all have heard this phrase, and wondered what we did wrong to be accused of such a crazy idea.

The mind is a starting point of the entire manifested world. God’s Mind as Spirit, Life, Love, and Creativity permeates it all, including our total being inside and out.

When we think of it, we can be in awe about the majestic vastness of the universe, the tiny creations of insects, the earth itself with all the wonders within and at the outer levels, and the magnificent mountains bathing in the last glow of the sunset.

Then there are the starts uncountable to our eyes, the moon with its phases; we see can see wherever we look the intelligence of God’s Mind working through His Creations, including through each one of us. All creation is well thought of, and in perfect harmony as it was intended to be.

Let us wipe out the mist that stands between our unconscious mind, our conscious  awareness/awakening, and the Mind of God by going deeper within enjoying the Flow of Spirit to have all our questions answered – one by one. First we observe, then we trust. It certainly will happen if we are willing to make time to connect with the Mind of God/Spirit within.

We all can do it. “Be still and know that I AM God.”

–A Dedicated Prayer Chaplain ©