A Journey of Self-Discovery

We have embarked upon a journey of self-discovery and awakened living as we continue to explore our yearly theme of Living with Nothing and No One Against Us. During the month of May, we begin a series called Be the Change, famous words attributed to Gandhi in relation to being a Change AJaneGaryProgent for what it is you want to see come forth in the world.Last week, we heard about the nature of conflict and how we can use whatever is presently showing up in our lives to help us awaken and develop our capacity to actualize our spiritual potential. This week, we continue the exploration as we consider the powerful question, “Who Have We Come Here to Be?” What is it we are here to express in this world? Which divine qualities and attributes are being called forth from within us? How can each of us make a difference in our world? Just who have we come here to be? Join us on the journey as we ponder these transformative questions and see how we truly can become the change we seek.

Blessings, Gary and Jane

Sacred Rubble 2015 was a Success!

Sacred Rubble 2015 was a financial and community-building success! Led by Gary Lock, this year’s rummage-sale extravaganza was so organized and fun. Gary began meeting and planning in January to get our facility, volunteers and the greater community ready for this event. We raised over $7,000, logged hundreds of volunteer hours, and welcomed nearly a thousand people to our spiritual center. Thank you for all your help and support–we couldn’t have done it without you!

Wow, Our Sacred Rubble Rummage Sale is Almost Here!

chairsWow, we can hardly believe that the big day is nearly here: Sacred Rubble 2015! We started planning this huge fundraising rummage sale at the beginning of the year with Gary Lock and several other key players. Luckily, previous year’s volunteers, like Patti Godwin, saved their files and organizing principles.

The biggest difference this year, has been the early layout. Today is Monday, and the chairs in the Sanctuary have been moved and even used to help display items. Usually, set up doesn’t begin until two days before the sale, but Gary had a vision to get started early. And we’re glad he did because it saves a lot of time. Why move things three or even four times when you can set it up directly?!

We hope you join us this Friday, April 24 from 9 am to 4 pm, and Saturday, April 25 from 9 am to 2 pm. The Baristas will be making specialty coffee drinks. Scratch-made baked good will be available. Treasures await you! All your donations have been greatly appreciated. Now come by and find some amazing itesm! All proceeds benefit our general fund. Divine love truly blesses all that we have, all that we give, and all that we receive!


Unity Foundation Update

Unity Spiritual Center’s Foundation report:

Unity Spiritual Center’s Foundation is set up to receive your financial gifts from tithes, love offering or bequests in order to maintain the long-term viability of our Spiritual home.  The principle assets are continually invested to make your gifts everlasting.  The interest earned is put back into capital improvements for our building like our new platform.

We continue to work with  Ameriprise Financial Services and currently have a balance of $90,558.00

We have an immediate need for 2 more volunteers to replace our 2 vacancies.  This is a great opportunity to be of service to this Center.  Commitment is for 3 years and only 4 meetings a year.   Please see any of the present board if you can help:

Al Koningsfeld: President

Gary Lock:  Treasurer

Diane Hunter: Secretary

Salli Sledge: Vice President

As mentioned at our Annual Meeting, we have some VERY exciting news for the coming year.  We are joining forces with the baristas in order to raise money to improve our Fellowship Hall!  They will have a special drive to raise money each week at their stand.  On July 11th, we will be holding a STREET FAIR in our parking lot.  Details are just in the beginning stage, but we expect to have music, dancing, food booths, bake sales, crafts, a kids area and so much more.  If you want to help with planning, please let Al know.  All money raised will go towards our Hall.  In addition, the Foundation will match funds raised up to a percentage.  At the very least, we expect to be able to replace the flooring, but our plans are for so much more.  What we do will depend on your support.

See you at the Fair (and the Barista stand)

Alan Bisson

Outgoing Foundation Board President


Easter at Unity Spiritual Center

easter: everyone invited

Easter Sunday is a day of renewal, rebirth and reconnection to the Spirit. In the words of our ministers, Jane and Gary Simmons, “The message of the Easter story is one of overcoming and rebirth. As we take the meaning deep within ourselves, it can lead us to awakened living.”

Easter at Unity Spiritual Center offers three unique services, and we know that one will be perfect for you, your family and friends. Join us at

  • 7 am, for our Sunrise Service with Rev. Dr. Jane and Dennis Ashley, followed by a light breakfast
  • 9 am, with Revs. Drs. Jane & Gary and our Unity Choir. Childcare provided
  • 11 am, with Revs. Drs. Jane & Gary and our Unity Choir. Youth Ministry provided.

When you enter our center from either the south or north entrance, you’ll be welcomed by our greeters and directed to the Sanctuary and youth area if you’re visiting with young ones.

The Unity Choir will bless us with spiritually uplifting music during the service, and we hope you stay for refreshments. Happy Easter!


Spring Ministers’ Message

JaneGaryProThe lightness of spring is in the air!  In like a lion and out like a lamb. The chilly winds of winter give way to the milder and gentler breezes of spring.  The sights, colors and sounds of new life burst forth throughout all of nature. The buds and blossoms begin to open as the ground gives way to spring green.

This is a time of joyful celebration and renewal as we welcome the return of spring and share in the wonder of rebirth. What better time to celebrate Easter? The message of the Easter story is one of overcoming and rebirth. As we take the meaning deep within ourselves, it can lead us to awakened living.

We are excited that our arrival as your new ministers coincides with springtime and the Easter celebration. Awakening and renewal is the perfect prelude to what we will suggest as the first of many yearlong themes we will be exploring with the Unity Spiritual Center community.

If you have been in Unity for a while, you have probably experienced the challenge of trying to explain to someone what Unity is all about. In some ways, our theology defies explanation because we have little dogma or prescribed doctrine.

Over the years we have found an explanation that is both accurate and thought provoking: Unity is the art and practice of living with nothing and no one against you.

We have also found that this explanation exposes a conundrum. Unity’s foundation principle is: There is only One Presence and One Power active in my life and in the Universe, God the Good.

And then it appears that there are the exceptions. Illness, relationship issues, prosperity challenges, it is not difficult to find apparent exceptions to the principle of Oneness.

How do we use our spiritual principles in order to live our lives in such a way that we can work with those exceptions? This can be our biggest challenge as we walk the talk of demonstrating the principle, One Presence and One Power. Here is the question we want to explore together – what if awakening is about overcoming those apparent exceptions and proving this principle in our daily lives?

We plan to explore this theme of awakened living during our first year at Unity Spiritual Center. We invite you to join us as a community in pursuit of a greater expression of the Divine and truly inhabit the principle that nothing and no one is against us.

Love and Blessings, Jane and Gary

Unity Bookstore

Dee and Judi smSpring Cleaning is Now! Please donate your purses, jewelry and scarves that are no longer beautiful or useful to you. We have just the right and perfect people to give a love offering and take items to a new home.

Dee Riggs and Judi Grubb are organizing our Reincarnated Jewelry Sale event again this year, so please help them make this the best sale ever!

Collecting through Wednesday, March 25th.

Seva Star: Lyla Brekke

A Seva Star is a stellar volunteer who provides sacred service, or Seva, to our Center. They are shining stars! This quarter, we are featuring Lyla Brekke.

Why do we try news things? For many of us, myself included, we take the plunge because we know someone who’s trying something and invites us along. This is exactly what happened to Lyla Brekke when she joined the Unity Choir. Soon after coming to Unity 15 years ago, Lyla joined the choir because “a friend talked her into it,” she recalls with a smile, and she’s been singing ever since. Lyla is a co-owner of The Scoop with her daughter and is also a librarian at Eastern Washington State Hospital. She pulls from these business talents as she helps support our music program. In 2005, Lyla signed on as our music librarian. The choir and our music collection have grown significantly over the years. Currently, we own over 300 pieces of music that Lyla keeps organized and up to date. She also works closely with our administrator, Terri Lewis-Sander, during our musical revue, Broadway on Bernard, with tickets sales. Lyla loves singing with the choir, and she extends a personal invitation to you to join the fun!


A Word From Rev. Jackie Green

jackie for webBetween now and Easter our Youth Ministry is using the “All Together Now” material created by Unity and geared to multi-age groups.

Unit 1: What Is God? The lessons are God Is Love, God Is Life, God Is All-Good and All-Powerful, God Is All-Knowing, Everywhere Present.

Unit 2: What Am I? The lessons are I Am God Expressing, God Shines Through Me, I Am Unlimited Potential!,  All of Me Expresses God.

Unit 3: Oneness With All Life. The lessons are God’s Universe Is Orderly and Beautiful, Our Universe Expresses God, All Creation Is Valuable, All Creation Is My Family.

Beyond Easter, lessons focus on Spiritual Practices of the World, and are being created to explore other ways of connecting with the Divine. Do you have a personal experience to share? Or connections to enable us to visit other places of worship? Let me know!

People of all ages are coming together to create another super FUNtastik Kids Week, 9am till noon, July 13 – 17.  Continuing with the Jungle Safari theme, we will delve deeper into the WILD place within ourselves to experience our natural state. Designed to be a fun and creative experience for children ages 4 to 11, guided by staff, ages 12 thru 112+. Will you be one of the ones to answer the call of the wild and trek with us? Let me know!