Q & A with Dr. Gary

Fired after 18 months, divorced, ministerial credentials removed, Dr. Gary was the poster child on how-to-fail-at-ministry.

Reeling from this, Dr. Gary, like a lot of us, blamed everyone else and made it ok to blame others when he was feeling diminished. After receiving these words from a wise monk…

“No one is against you. Make your path about proving this truth, and you will discover what wholeness really is.” Muhru

His life, career, spiritual path and trajectory pivoted. Watch his story and then tune in Sunday, May 26th to hear more.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a tradition that began in 1872 with two women, Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis. It began as a way to promote peace – mothers standing for peace. Although it eventually morphed from an activist movement into an honoring of motherhood, the original purpose bears exploration.  

Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to honor the gentle,
restorative and powerful Presence of the embodiment of compassion – the Divine
Feminine that indwells every heart, male and female.

What if you don’t have a mom in your life any longer to celebrate? Or what if your biological mom was not a figure that inspired peace in your life, but rather fear, insecurity, anxiety?

Hopefully there was and is a mothering aspect of Spirit playing a role in your life, bringing about peace and healing. If you want to honor your mom or a special mom-figure, pick up a bouquet of flowers, by donation, this Sunday. Proceeds benefit the youth summer camp scholarship fund.

Holidays can be difficult for those of us who grew up in dysfunctional families. Find what mothering aspect you can celebrate in your life. We send you love ♥

Save the Date: Broadway on Bernard, April 12-14

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Unity Spiritual Center proudly presents Broadway on Bernard, April 12 to 14. This musical presentation and fundraising event features outstanding soloists, ensembles and the Unity choir.

“This year’s show will highlight renditions of Broadway classics ranging from Andrew Lloyd Webber to Godspell, Footloose, Paint Your Wagon and many other Broadway spectaculars,” says Shawn Wright, who directs Unity’s Choir program and oversees Broadway on Bernard with his wife and Music Director Tawni Wright. “This year we will feature Broadway star of Jersey Boys, Courter Simmons and local Theater Star Aimee Paxton. We will also showcase our Unity Choir singing amazing Broadway hits. It’s going to be a lot of fun, so get your tickets now before they sell out!”

Showtimes: 7:30 p.m. on April 12 and 3 p.m. matinees on April 13 and 14. Location: 2900 S. Bernard, Spokane.

Broadway Tickets

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Conscious Conversations

Unity Spiritual Center Spokane (USCS) is on a path to becoming a mission-centric (rather than a minister-centric) ministry. This requires group awareness of the mission and a commitment to align decisions and actions with that mission. To assist USCS in its progress toward becoming mission-centric, a process called Conscious Conversations was initiated in the
Spring of 2018. Conscious Conversations is a heart-centered, person-to-person inquiry about what is moving, evolving and emerging within a community. These conversations served to increase connection and engagement within USCS and to explore USCS’s impact as a spiritual community.

Questions were open-ended, allowing respondents to express themselves authentically. Members of the Evolutionary Council, a Board-appointed team of 15, conducted conversations with 130 people connected to USCS through either membership or attendance. Conversations focused on
two general areas: 1) How individual respondents have been impacted by the ministry and 2) Suggestions on how the ministry could more fully evolve, thereby deepening its impact. The Evolutionary Council combined and analyzed the results, identifying common themes as well as unique “outlier” ideas. Those results are provided below, supplemented by transformational stories and ideas from specific respondents.

Read the report.

Islands of Sanity with Rev. Jane

Join Rev. Jane to explore the questions, in depth, at three monthly gatherings.

Are you ready to widen your circle of compassion and become an “evolutionary” in order to help welcome a kinder world into manifestation?

Are you willing to share your gifts and talents to create “Islands of Sanity” that aid in shifting to a new paradigm of living?

March 2, April 5, May 18 at 10 am

The pre-requisites for this class include completing the 21-day Q Process and watching The Evolving Paradigm presentations (Parts 1 and 2–see videos below).  Come prepared to explore how you can participate in creating a world that works for all!   

EP Part 1

Part 2

Spiritual Support during the Furlough

Dear Friend,

The government shutdown in the United States has left many struggling and without a paycheck. We, at Unity, offer our support and prayers for the hundreds of thousands of furloughed federal workers.

We would like to offer a token of our support: a free copy of our flagship magazine, Daily Word®, with articles, prayers, and poems of inspiration for your daily life. No strings attached.

Receive My Copy

Friends, if you know a beloved person experiencing the impact of the federal government shutdown, please forward this offer of prayer and support.

Together we affirm peace and serenity for you as we remember the words of the “Prayer for Protection”:
The light of God surrounds you;
The love of God enfolds you;
The power of God protects you;
The presence of God watches over you.
Wherever you are, God is!

Your Friends in Unity
PS: Remember we are always here for you, 24 hours a day. Call 816-969-2000 (our Silent Unity® prayer line) anytime, or submit a request online. Our prayer associates support and pray with people of all faiths, or no faith at all.

Burning Bowl


Join Unity Worldwide’s Burning Bowl Ceremony! Honor the new year by releasing old wounds or negative thought patterns—whatever may be holding you back from living your best life! Write whatever you want to release on our electronic form, and we will hold it in the Silent Unity® Prayer Vigil Chapel for 30 days. Then join our Facebook Live event on January 9, 2019, to see it burned up in a fire.