Modern day philosopher Ken Wilber coined the term, Boomeritis, to describe a "condition" common with people centered in green, that stems from an inability to transcend and/or include elements of previous worldviews. Boomeritis can be the greatest deterrent to making the leap to the 2nd Tier holistic consciousness.
Rev. Jane explores how to integrate any disowned trigger points that may be holding us back from the next evolutionary step.

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  1. Ivy Reply
    Hi there, I haven't been able to attend for a few weeks but have followed the last 3 talks here online. Is there access to the slides, or the "color ladder' that Jane Simmons talks about? Thank you so much! God bless. Ivy.
    • Liza Mattana Reply
      You can watch the Sunday service on YouTube. Search for Unity Spiritual Center Spokane, and you'll see the latest!

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