The Twelve Powers

Last Sunday, we heard from Rev. Jane on the power of faith, one of the 12 Powers, laid out by Unity’s co-found Charles Fillmore. Faith isn’t a strictly religious idea. We exercise faith, or blind belief, in all sorts of things–the chairs we sit in, the cars we drive, the computers we use. We might have faith in ideas too–the power of love, friendship, honesty. These ideas, like the concept of faith, are unseen by eye. However, we can see their ripples in people and in our world.

Explore more about faith and the other twelve powers at Unity worldwide, here.


Liza is the Communications Coordinator at Unity Spiritual Center Spokane and has been a member since 2007. Liza grew up in Spokane and lives with her husband and daughter in this "Near Nature, Near Perfect community."
  1. Cate Reinig Reply
    Yes! to all of this. My friends and I are very interested in minimizing our stuff. Our favorite movie at the moment is The Minimalists (which you can see on Netflix). Their motto is "Love People. Use Things. The Opposite Never Works." My dream home now at 64 is a tiny more than 350 square feet and with a foundation or on skids.
    • Liza Mattana Reply
      I saw it too and loved it! Glad to hear you are excited about living more with less too!

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