SpiritGroups this Summer

How are SpiritGroups different this summer?

  • Affinity to serve — Rather than organizing groups around a certain book, video series, weekly meeting location or night, we’ll be creating small groups based on people’s interest in causes and non-profits and the groups will plan and do a service project together.
  • Flexible schedule for summer — Rather than a 10-week series, groups will gather 3 times over the summer months. Once a group is formed based on interest, those people will set a date and location for their first gathering, where they will discuss and decide on a service project. After doing the service project, the groups will gather to reflect on and celebrate the work they accomplished together! Thanks to electronic communication, many details can be handled from a device used on the dock or in the car on a road trip or wherever the summer fun takes you!
  • A “Lead” instead of a “Host” — Rather than having location hosts, each group will identify a lead person that will help organize and facilitate the process. Like a usual SpiritGroup, members will serve each other and the group by divvy up the jobs to be done in order to get the service project completed. There will be a standard agenda for each of the gatherings that the Lead will be able to use.

How do I get involved?

  • Identify a population of people (or animals or nature, etc.) that you care about.
  • Consider who might have a need in our community (refugees, children, etc.).
  • Start talking with others about your passions and asking them about theirs.
  • Find a few other people you’d like to serve with and come up with a cause together.
  • Attend the Connection Events on Sunday, June 18 and Sunday, June 25 in the Chapel right after both services to meet others interested in serving this summer.

As Bill Gates said, “To turn caring into action, we need to see a problem, find a solution, and deliver impact.”

Let’s make an impact together this season!

Liza is the Communications Coordinator at Unity Spiritual Center Spokane and has been a member since 2007. Liza grew up in Spokane and lives with her husband and daughter in this "Near Nature, Near Perfect community."

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